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  • Iv lost a lot of weight, like 70kg in the last year and so I get a lot of "you look amazing" and "you keep getting smaller" which is awesome and I love it. But I have put on a little bit of weight lately and it's not moving. It's my fault because my eating has got bad again. So I was 190kg last march, and around 117kg this…
  • I ate what i planned to today, and i logged fairly accurately. Which dosen't sound like much but i have been on such a slide lately, even one day seems like a victory.
  • In 2016 I was diagnosed with heart failure. I was 237kg and the right side of my heart enlarged and wasn't working hard enough. Its been slowly getting better ever since. With scans every 6-12 months (covid messed things around) Last week i received a letter from cardiologist, for my second test in a row, my heart is…
  • When I get out the shower, I can wrap a towel around myself and wear it back to my room. I could never do that before.
  • Thats kilograms. I weigh daily and note in down but on log drops of a kg or more.
  • On good days I log my intended meals early, then adjust them where needed. Some times I will do days in advance. On bad days I will log them late, after iv finished eating. On really really bad days I just log 4000 quick calories... but they don't happen very often.
  • Still got a little bit to go, but almost there.
  • I donated all of my all clothes. They are all too big for me now. Thousands of dollars worth and lots of memorys.
  • I have done 5 months of really clean eating and regular exercise and my results have been amazing (50kg loss), but since hitting the 5-month park I have been struggling. Not fully blowing up calorie-wise and I have been logging fairly accurately. But just giving into temptation, I set myself hard rules like No chocolate,…
  • Maybe not the right place, but something that really grinds my gears. When people give me a look and actually question me when I buy something nice to eat. When I decide to eat something "unhealthy", I log it and account for it. Like my friend asks me to go out to a Cafe, I cbf but i decide to go. Asks me do I want…
  • 5 months and 50kg, still got a 20kg to go.
  • I started trying to lose weight in September at 180kg and dropped down to 150kg by new years but eating less and lots of cardio. I mainly did cardio and not much weights, I got pretty depressed at how much strength I lost. At 180kg I could bench press 130, deadlift 180kg, and squat 150kg. At 150kg I could barely bench 70,…
  • Not sure if this is a victory, but I had the first person ask if I had a operation and then insisted I must be on some medicine. Which kind of felt good and bad. Also I went and got more holes put in my belt, I really need to buy a new one because things are getting stupid, but I like keeping this one to see progress.
  • According to BMI, I am now just normal obese not morbidly.
  • Not sure if iv uploaded correctly. Buts it's 40kg down in 4 months. I'm 3kg off my first big goal. Then iv got to keep working down to my ultimate goal. Also if anyone wants to add me, go ahead. Iv been logging for 120 days, and I think my diary open.
  • Yea mine has that as well. Ever since I got it has always been 1-3 as long as no leaks. Last time I saw them they lowered the pressure slightly but I can't tell the difference. I love the machine it, it changed/saved my life but its still a nuisance and I hope I can get rid of it eventually.
  • This is awesome! I really really want this to happen to me as well. How much weight did you lose? How do you know it's gone Did? Did you get retested? Iv lost a large amount of weight since I was first diagnosed, but but doctor won't let me get retested. I had it really bad when I was first diagnosed, but iv dropped a…
  • Imagine how you are gonna feel in just 6 months when your 150lbs! The end might be over a year away, but that year is gonna be full of awesome milestones (and some devastating set backs). But you will get there eventually, it might take 1 year or it might take 3 years but you will get there eventually.
  • I hear most of the comments you guys have said, one in particular that confuses me. When they ask what I have done I explain "stopped eating junk food, exercise more, and log every meal on an app.: Then they say "oh you count calories???" Like its a bad thing.. iv had some pretty significant results since I started…
  • Iv got a few. I have had a very good couple of months, probably the best I have ever had weight loss wise. Your not ment to discuss the scale in here so ill just say its moving in the right direction. *my doctor has lowered the pressure setting on my cpap machine by one thing. I can't tell the difference, but its nice to…
  • I have a set of draws that I think of as the draws of shame... it's full of clothes I am too big for. A lot of them brand new because my mum would buy me clothes for Christmas but they would always be too small and I would stick them in the draws of shame. Anyway, I have been on a really good run this last month and…
  • I work very casual event security, about a year ago I worked at a racing even. On that day I had the biggest jacket they had and I couldn't zip it up. I looked stupid and people kept telling me to go grab a bigger one but there wasn't any. Two weeks ago I worked for them again and I took the second biggest size jacket and…
  • If you have sleep apnea then get it sorted, it was ruining my life. I was falling asleep everywhere, including at work which almost got me fired. And I had zero energy which making me put on more weight which made the problem worse. The treatment kind of sucks, I don't like the mask and it dehydrated me but the reward is…
  • I think it is possible. September 2016 I weighed 522lbs, this morning I weighed 396lbs. Clearly, I have a long long way to go but I have managed to lose over 100lbs in a year and I am confident that if I had actually been a bit more disciplined I could have lost 150lbs, and If I had been hardcore disciplined I could have…