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  • For me personally, and through some trial & error, I have found it better to have little "indulgences" along the way that may (at worst) put me a little over for the day than a "cheat" meal/day/etc. on some frequency.
  • I just feel like I should be doing something on my "off" days from strength training. [/quote] The older I get, the more I appreciate Yoga - which I foolishly mocked in my younger years.
  • I like to weigh every day - but that's because I'm a creative of habit and it helps me stick with a routine (and maybe understand my body a little better). And I understand that it's not the daily ups & downs, but rather the overall trend that matters and don't freak out about a day with a "unexplainable(?)" weight gain of…
  • A “pig out” last night and didn’t log it. Only stretching this AM - lower back is tight. Just call it a bad night & smart(?) recovery morning. Positive discipline for getting up and getting to the gym.
  • 2 hours of good BJJ last night. AM - R/G/R then light stretching for lower back - think I pushed too hard with the KB yesterday. Sore/tight yesterday & still today.
  • Making five good, small, steps forward during the week & then taking a couple of giant steps backwards on the weekend. Lack of discipline. Overall still averaging about a 0.5 lb/week loss rather than the goal of 1 lb/week. Gotta fix the weekends. Didn’t make the 2 x run goal last week - just tired, smoked & mostly…
  • Felt like I was binge eating for dinner, but somehow the calories (still eyeball estimating, haven’t measured anything yet) came out around goal. Not sure if the weekday run will happen or not - or if it’s realistic or not. 0300 wake-ups to AM workout, plus a couple of nights of BJJ just have me smoked. AM - 5rds Row, 20 x…
  • Over ate dinner last night - “starving” and tired. PM - 2 hours BJJ. Can’t believe my abs are still sore from last THU’s medicine ball WO (sure two night’s of BJJ contributed to continuing soreness). 3/1 AM - 10R/10G/10R followed by some light ab work (really just stretching them out) and more stretching on big ball.
  • Good day yesterday. Good water, good eating, AM workout plus 2 hours of BJJ/Bx - 3 rds with the big BB; clinic on HG passing, etc. 2/28 - 5 rds Row, 15 x KB, 10 x OHS (addition of +4), PU/Dips #130 unpartitioned (go -10 next time)
  • 2/27 AM - 10R/10G/10R followed by light ab work & light Turkish get-ups followed by some ab stretching. I am STILL sore from last THU ab work out...
  • Bad rating day - a little over on just the meals, then binged on potato chips and a big slice of cake. Somehow dropped weight overnight...know it’s not directly linear, curious what tomorrow’s weight will be. Thought about going for a run - wimped out and only walked the dog - weak sauce.
  • 2/26 AM - Less this MON than last MON (about 1 lb) - so slow progress, but progress. Keep it up. Goal this week - add one run during the week & one on weekend. AM - 5 reds 500m row, 15 KB, 6 x OHS, PU/Dips (@130 - partitioned on rounds 3-5 - stay here for a bit).
  • Slack but not horrible weekend - a little over, but not too much, for 2 of 3 days. Abs still sore from THU medicine ball work.
  • 2/23 - sore, tired & dragging [email protected]@ today. AM - 5rds - row, KB swing, OHS, PU & Dips. Unpartioned 10s @140# -> go -10 next week.
  • 2/22 - 60m rolling, 60m boxing/MT - ran out of gas towards the end; I’m smoked. BJJ - goal for the year - there is one guy- slightly smaller, a little stronger, and a little better than me: be able to flow with him (on my terms). No issues with people who don’t threaten me or are significantly better than me - can flow…
  • Thanks for the info!
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  • @40xBEFOREx40 - Thanks. Interestingly enough - worked like a champ going through the internet link, but that shows up nowhere when using the app (which is predominantly how I use MFP) - unless I’m missing something else.
  • 2/22 - AM 30m cardio (10R/10G/10R) followed by a little medicine ball work & 10 x Turkish Get-Ups (light KB( [adds to routine), then stretching.
  • PM - 20m dog walk. Thai food dinner - OK. Before bed snacking put me over the limit - boo
  • 2/21 - good solid 6 hours of sleep, like a rock. 0300 wake-ups will do that :) AM - 5 rounds of 500m row, 15 x KB swing, 5 x 45# OHS (Add), unpartioned 10/10 PU & Dips (next time -10 on assistance). Followed with farmer & waiter walk & stretching.
  • OK day - under goal even with a little treat of nutter butters. Would certainly like some more, but will hold off and keep it a good day. PM - short dog walk. Trying to go to bed early - doing the morning workout means a silly early start - but if I don’t do it then - I usually just don’t. Up & at’m
  • 2/20 - awful, from a disciplined & weight loss perspective, weekend - and a long one at that. From Friday afternoon to Monday evening, didn’t log, over ate, and didn’t exercise. Predictable end result - gained back everything lost last week plus 0.6 pounds. It’s this type of behavior that has put me at my heaviest ever…
  • Waved off any IF - woke up hungry and feeling a little dehydrated. AM - 5 Ed’s 500m row 15 KB swing assisted PU & dips. 5 x 8 PUs un partitioned. Will go to 10 next weekend - once 10s able to be done unpartitioned then will start decreasing assistance weight.
  • 2/15 PM - 120m BJJ & Boxing:MT. Short dog walk. Good day. Lots of movement, lots of water, good eating. Smoked from JJ/B/MT - hope to fall asleep as soon as head hits pillow. Thinking about IF tomorrow- not sure if I will or not. Haven’t meal prepped - will make final decision tomorrow...
  • Tired & draggig today, but got up worked out (30m cardio - runner, slider, runner) followed by 20m of stretching. Additional goal today - no tired/bored snacking post work/pre-dinner.
  • Broke discipline & had some tired/bored snacking - put me over the limit for the day. Going to bed early - fresh start tomorrow.
  • 2/14 - had trouble falling asleep last night, but still woke up 5m before the alarm went off. AM - 5rds 500m row, KB swing (10), assisted PU (5..3) portioned with 10 dips (150# assisted). 1 x KB farmers walk & waiter walk. An incremental over Monday. Followed with some stretching.
  • 2/13 PM - 60m BJJ rolling, 60m Boxing/MT striking drills. Overall, great day. Lots of movement, good amount of water, disciplined eating (& mostly “clean” FWIW...). Will be sore tomorrow- get up and get after it anyway!
  • Initial measurements for baseline. Initial thought: for crying out loud, I’m a f#*%ing cylinder... OK, it’s the baseline from which to measure progress. Initial plan - measure monthly to see how it goes. 2/13 N 17 5/8 C 49.25 G 48.5 W 43.85 B 47.25 Wrist - 7 5/8 7 5/8 Bi 15.25 15.5 FA 13.75 13.75 UT 28.5 28.5 LT 21.5 21.5…