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  • I won't be so arrogant to tell you what you should and shouldn't like but I've never looked at a woman and thought "her shoulders are too wide" In fact I've never seen a woman I would consider broad shouldered that wasn't a bodybuilder type who was training for size.
  • Almost daily. But when I get to maintenance, I'll change that to less frequently.
  • I never rely on motivation to start working out. It's about discipline. I go to the gym on MWF because I know that's what I do. And if I know that's what I do, there's no argument with myself. Motivation comes in spurts. I may use it at the gym to push out that last rep, or run a little faster, but motivation is measured…
  • Just a 1.6 mile run at lunch. But I'm really happy I got to do that. It was supposed to be a light day anyways
  • Squats building to 5 rep max 4x10 squats at 60% of max 10 min AMRAP of 10 kettlebell thrusters 10 kettlebell squats 10 bodyweight lunges 10 pushups 5 burpees 3x10 single leg squats to box 12 min on exercise bike to round it out
  • I don't expect my GP to do much except tell me where I am, where I should be, and maybe suggest resources.
  • Yeah, it's for sure inflated. So I basically just subtracted 500 calories from that. I selected "Other: Open Goal" for everything other than the deadlifts, those I selected "Strength Training". I also selectively paused the exercise, especially during the box jumps when setting a new height. The other factor is there is…
  • Yeah, I figure that's the case. On those workouts where there is a lot of weight training involved, I'm guessing the watch is not as accurate so I often reduce the recorded amount by half. Which still left me with a lot of calories to eat. For elucidation here was the workout that day 3x10 single leg squats to 20" box…
  • My choice to use IF is based upon convenience (I do lunch and dinner), the appetite suppression effects, easier calorie restriction, and info such as this . I'm very happy with it so far, so I will concentrate on supplementing with calorie…
  • So my take aways here are to improve food measuring for accurate calories to see if the caloric deficit isn't too extreme in the first place and to eat energy dense foods with higher levels of protein andd natural fats if I am actually eating too little. And adjust to slow down the weight loss a bit. Now to reconcile that…
  • I am tracking weight using a wifi connected scale, measured each morning at approx the same time. I satrted at 217 with a goal of 175. I just kinda felt like if I was being too aggressive, I would be hungry all the time. But I feel good, with good energy. Maybe I'm just lucky so far and should adjust when there is actual…
  • I feel most of my food has been measured accurately. Scanning labels and using declared weights. I do assume that my calorie burns at the gym are inflated and often adjust them significantly. I am trying to stay ahead of things because so far the results have been great. Slightly over 2lbs a week weightloss and noticable…