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  • It's mental lol! For me I think it's more of the freedom of not ever completely "running out" of food allowances. If I have "free" options even when I run out of calories I can still have something without blowing it for that day.
  • Fantastic work! Btw I freaking love those tights/pants in your after pic!
  • Here in the south we hear "Well you've lost weight & I've found it!" lol
  • I'm a habitual yo yo dieter. I'll diet & exercise, get to my goal weight one year & then go back to my old habits only to regain the weight again. There have been many things that re-motivate me, but most of the time it's when I can't fit into my clothes. I don't want to go out & buy bigger clothes, yet I'm miserable in or…
  • My mother in law always gets me used clothes. Not that that's terrible or anything, I'm not opposed to thrift shopping. But they are ALWAYS way too small. Not even close. Like I wear a 14 & she'll buy me a size 6 or XS. And on top of the stuff being way too small, it's usually really worn out (holes, sweaters that are all…
  • Girl that is not a cheat day LOL my cheat day = 3000+ calories. If I'm under my calories it's not a cheat day :smile:
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