Things people say when you lose weight



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    Sand_TIger wrote: »
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    Oh man, I read all these comments and have gotten those!

    When I was losing weight with my wedding as a goal, I got A LOT of unwelcome comments.

    "If you turn sideways you'll be invisible!"
    "Don't lose TOO much weight." (Don't put those impossible standards on me- you seem to be screwed if you do and screwed if you don't)

    "You can stop now."
    "Don't drink too much water."
    "You should live a little." (Because I refused any more truck stop candy bars)

    This makes me want to make a thread for snappy comebacks to silly comments! If someone said to me "you should live a little," it would be hard to resist saying "I AM! Do you have any idea how good I feel?"

    I love that comeback! I may "borrow it" next time I need it. ;)
  • bmeadows380
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    I was talking to my mom earlier, and she was telling me about a woman she knows who has lost A LOT of weight, and of course she made the comment that this woman has lost too much. I tried to make the point that it's just in comparison to what she used to look like. She wasn't having any of that. "Well, she looked better a couple months ago." (Eye roll.) I just can't wait until I get down further; I'm guessing anything below 200 will seem too thin to her.

    I'll get those comments too. When my uncle lost a lot of weight to help with health issues he had developed, that was mom's comment then, even though I thought he looked fine - skinnier than I was used to, but not unhealthy.
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