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Things people say when you lose weight



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    Hollis100 wrote: »
    smantha32 wrote: »
    Hollis100 wrote: »
    I have a different point of view about store clerks and other people who have "captured" me in unwanted personal conversation. They don't do this to everybody.

    When this happens to me, usually I've done something to make them think it's okay -- I've been too nice and listened too long, so they think it's okay because I allowed it to go on, at least at first.

    The art of saying NO and ending things in a polite, short manner is a life survival skill. Not apologizing, not suffering in silence, just moving on and setting boundaries without burning people to the ground.

    True. I'm still not good at it.

    I'm not that good at it, either, but working on it.

    I'm female. I grew up feeling I have to be nice to everybody, and always be polite (whatever that means). I think this is the way a lot of women grew up.

    Other people can offend the crap out of me, but I'm reluctant to speak up and stop it because "I don't want to be rude" or "I don't want to cause a scene." Then I'll be mad for hours.

    Nonsense. Drawing the line with people is a social skill. It's a skill just like other skills. There's nothing wrong with saying some variation of "I'm not discussing my weight, that's personal, but I appreciate your concern. Have a nice day." Then you're done with it.

    I was that way too. I'm way past that part now. I'm at the "burning people to the ground" stage. lol.. no moderation anywhere. :D
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    LAT1963 wrote: »
    ro175 wrote: »
    My partner is just concerned about me losing my bum. lol. I'd actually like to lose a bit more of it, he disagrees. People also tend to act concerned whenever I lose weight, and ask me "how much more?" Apart from a small period in my early-20's, (25 years ago) I have never been underweight & my aim is to lose just a couple more kilo, which still puts me in the healthy BMI range.

    In the 4-hour body (a book) the author asserts that kettlebell squats will give you a nice muscular bum, meaning a bum that doesn't go flat when you lose weight.

    Thanks for the tip, do find my stairs at home help a bit, but do need to do more weight training type exercises. Just a matter of trying to get time and get into the habit of it.
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    lalabank wrote: »
    her response “yes, and you’ll eat a wedge of lettuce because you think you’re better then me” Ouch. Oh now I remember why we stopped being close. My choices are not a competition with other people.

    Wow, this might be the worst one I've ever heard. She didn't even try to hide her envy.

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    curds wrote: »
    I'm an expat and the culture here is very different, but when people tell you the same thing over and over again it can really get to you.

    There's a guy at the gym that gets very excited when I do cardio and tells me to run for weight loss and not weight lift. He'll come stand behind me to watch me run and tell me good job. Same guy also told me I eat too much. I get that the culture is very blunt and they do things differently, but it sucks when I go in feeling really good about my weight loss/health journey only to be met with you not doing it right. I can block out the comments, but the stares are the worst why do you need to watch me work out? And no amount of telling them to stop does anything (there's a language barrier so they just smile and nod).

    I wasn't very big when I started, but with most females wanting to be around 45 kgs regardless of height I'll probably never hear some of the comments I've read on here.

    Good luck on your journeys!

    Where do you live???
  • smantha32smantha32 Posts: 7,004Member Member Posts: 7,004Member Member
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