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Things people say when you lose weight



  • shunggieshunggie Posts: 885Member Member Posts: 885Member Member
    shunggie wrote: »
    As for someone saying MFP doesn't work for them. MFP isn't a diet it's a tool, it's like saying my hammer doesn't work. Your hammer works just fine, you just aren't using it properly.

    You haven't seen my hammer....[/quote]

  • bustercrabbybustercrabby Posts: 65Member Member Posts: 65Member Member
    You're looking gaunt.

    You wanna lose *more* weight?

    I didn't recognize you! (My own brother said that!)
  • PiqueabooPiqueaboo Posts: 859Member Member Posts: 859Member Member
    "Are you sick?"
  • bobsburgersfanbobsburgersfan Posts: 1,876Member Member Posts: 1,876Member Member
    durhammfp wrote: »
    Are they just looking for validation for their ideas?

    Aren't we all? ;)
    Ha! Excellent point.
  • shunggieshunggie Posts: 885Member Member Posts: 885Member Member
    @ghudson92 Don't regret it. Those aren't real anyway. I have 7 because of a discussion on Woo. Ironically if you go back many people now agree with me... OH well. It's the internet. Haters gonna hate :)
  • MySlimGoalsMySlimGoals Posts: 405Member, Premium Member Posts: 405Member, Premium Member
    I never paid any attention to the 'disagree' button. It looks meaningless to me.
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