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Things people say when you lose weight



  • smantha32smantha32 Posts: 7,004Member Member Posts: 7,004Member Member
    smantha32 wrote: »
    I'm getting a little annoyed with a lady from my grocery store.

    Not only is she attention seekingly loud about how I'm looking, how much I might have lost and what I'm wearing, she also has started with the advice.

    For example, telling me how to cook vegetables. Not a particular method, just how, full stop; as if I wouldn't know. Today's lesson was how to cook mashed potatoes and I get a full critique of everything in my basket on whether I should be eating it or not. Not to mention the continuous pushing towards various diet schemes.

    This would be exhausting from a friend but this is a complete stranger who works on the till. It's making me want to shop elsewhere, despite the convenience.

    Why are people so darn intrusive?

    Also, has anyone else experienced people assuming that because you're overweight, you are stupid?

    This kind of crap is why I started using the self check out line.

    I agree. There's a lady who works at a store we frequent who started commenting on mine and my husband's weight loss years ago and she still makes comments. It's never rude like the cashier above, but it still makes me feel weird! I wish she would stop. I actually find myself avoiding that particular store because I don't want her commentary. I used to feel a bit hopeful that she would try MFP or something similar because she went on & on about how she wanted to lose weight, but now it's just become annoying. I mean it's been going on like 6 years. I also (at times) feel a little anxious about walking up to her, even though I've never varied by more than a few pounds I feel strangely afraid she's going to say "hmm looks like you're starting to gain a few". I don't need that stress when I'm shopping in a store! :D

    I haven't had anyone get too interested in my weight yet, but there is more than one cashier who overshares. "No, I really don't care that your brother in law's ex girlfriend cheated on him. Please bag my pot pie."
  • smantha32smantha32 Posts: 7,004Member Member Posts: 7,004Member Member
    Hollis100 wrote: »
    I have a different point of view about store clerks and other people who have "captured" me in unwanted personal conversation. They don't do this to everybody.

    When this happens to me, usually I've done something to make them think it's okay -- I've been too nice and listened too long, so they think it's okay because I allowed it to go on, at least at first.

    The art of saying NO and ending things in a polite, short manner is a life survival skill. Not apologizing, not suffering in silence, just moving on and setting boundaries without burning people to the ground.

    True. I'm still not good at it.
  • LAT1963LAT1963 Posts: 1,261Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,261Member, Premium Member
    ro175 wrote: »
    My partner is just concerned about me losing my bum. lol. I'd actually like to lose a bit more of it, he disagrees. People also tend to act concerned whenever I lose weight, and ask me "how much more?" Apart from a small period in my early-20's, (25 years ago) I have never been underweight & my aim is to lose just a couple more kilo, which still puts me in the healthy BMI range.

    In the 4-hour body (a book) the author asserts that kettlebell squats will give you a nice muscular bum, meaning a bum that doesn't go flat when you lose weight.
  • d805d805 Posts: 103Member, Premium Member Posts: 103Member, Premium Member
    ceiswyn wrote: »
    "Hi, I don't think we've met? I'm Tom."

    "Hi, I'm Sarah. You worked with me for four years."

    Wow!!! 😲I'm sure he felt like a tool after that.
  • shunggieshunggie Posts: 884Member Member Posts: 884Member Member

    And oh yes about being treated like an idiot. I studied public health & nutrition in grad school, and everyone from my doctor to my father-in-law tries to tell me "well if I just learned more about what I'm shoving in my face, I would not eat it". These people don't understand how knowledge and being in the right head space to take care of yourself are very different things.

    I lost 125 pounds in a healthy way about 18 years ago. I exercised and ate right. Then I lost my Grandma and Mom within two years of each other. There was a lot of caregiving and hospital time and all that healthy lifestyle knowledge was secondary to my mental state of not going crazy. I didn't forget how to be healthy I just didn't care for a while. When I started this journey back up last year a friend who had not known me during the earlier weight loss couldn't understand why I hadn't been doing that since I knew how and understood the benefits. It was all headspace issues.

    And for the nosey clerk, I would tell her to kitty right off and speak to her manager. That's ridiculous.
  • sarahliftssarahlifts Posts: 610Member Member Posts: 610Member Member
    Congratulations!!! Out of the blue, at funerals, at galas randomly in conversation. We aren't talking about weight loss, so the congratulations always throws me off a bit.
    That is the weirdest one, especially bc of have maintained my weight loss for 6 years.
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