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  • I get you don't worry! If you have strong abs there is a possibility that they are pushing the belly fat forward. It sounds weird but if you didnt have those muscles the fat wouldn't look so obviously there. It's hard to tell from a photo, but maybe consider doing more cardio and see if that makes a difference. And have a…
  • So nice to read from everyone! The mental gains outweigh anything physical in my opinion!!
  • Keep up with the times people. Despite us being brought up with the idea that it is good for us, there is plenty of reasons it is in fact bad, but most choose to ignore it. I am no vegan by the way, but try my best not to consume it as there is plenty of substitutes and ways of getting the right nutrients. And people…
  • Oh thats so lovely and positive to read! I've become more confident too and I believe in myself more. The fact I've stuck to this lifestyle has made me think I can take on lots of challenges and succeed!!
  • Well technically, but you won't give the appearance of a toned body until you lose a certain amount of fat.
  • You need to lose fat first and then tone up ;)
  • Thanks so much for such a helpful reply! I think I didn't explain myself properly. I'm not vegetarian or vegan but since vegans don't eat dairy I thought to incorporate aspects of their diet into mine. I will have a look at the things you have mentioned!!
  • Thanks for the replies! I'm trying to figure out how to increase my protein, as I'm allergic to dairy. I looked at some vegan recipies but a lot use soy which I am even more allergic to. It might take some time to find what's right for me but I'm trying to get there nonetheless
  • That's what i thought. I was convinced it was irom deficiency, but all my tests are fine and i was told its all down to my stress. But yeah when i do exercise, i feel better, but if i were to be less stressed, im wondering if my performance would improve. Like is the stress reducing certain results?
  • Not gonna lie, the main reason I cut down the alcohol is the calories. I'm an extreme heavy weight, and would drink a 300ml bottle of vodka straight in a short amount of time, but wouldn't get very drunk, so I gave up and started drinking just for the pleasure rather than the drunk state. Also, when I saw that my belly…
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  • Thanks again for the input everyone! I decided to just carrying on with what I'm doing because I'm already seeing my stomach flattening out. One thing I will improve on is diet. It's already very healthy but it couldn't hurt to go the extra mile, right? :) And I think I'll stay with all my abs routines, since I'd rather…
  • Belly fat just holds on for dear life, doesn't it? :D Thanks for the tips everyone! Yeah i'll have to add some plank routines in, and see how that helps over time. And more cardio, although I do lots as it is haha. I didn't think about posture to be fair, something i definitely need to work on in general because i get so…
  • I'm wondering whether what I'm doing is healthy. Basically I eat around 1200 calories a day and then burn a lot from exercise, so i net around 600. I know that I won't gain weight back as I've never really eaten unhealthily before. I just ate too much from stress but now I've stopped that and am staying with those numbers,…
  • Hi everyone! Need some inspiration for my diary so would be fab to add some of you! I'm trying to eat 1200 but I often eat what my mum makes so there'd only so much I can do at the moment. Also, does anyone else find that they are worried that their calorie counting isn't accurate and you could be way off? X