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  • Thanks for the suggestions. I have very limited equipment at home- some resistance bands and 2 x4kg dumbbells so I guess I need something that can make use of just that and bodyweight. Preferably strenght training but also some intervals would be good too
  • You need to be doing a lot more though to get any kind of results :)
  • Okay so if I do that cardio style workout 3 times a week and then strength training 2-3 times a week will I get the best results? Is the workout below a good idea for one of those days? I made it so it focuses more on legs and glutes.
  • Haha fair enough, out of interest, why? Might help me :)
  • Not entirely. I don't have weight to lose. If anything then maybe some fat, so the purpose is toning up and improving strength.
  • So if I added more jumping jacks or high knees (like between each exercise maybe) it would be HIIT then? It's pretty intense because I have no breaks in between other than a minute or so between the circuits
  • What parts of it are distorted though? And don't say all of it hahaha, I'm interested.
  • Would anyone log walking into MFP if it's more than usual? For example today I did 10km, another day I did 13km etc. I never really think much of walking but then I guess I should add it in?
  • I'm not into bulking but i like to do exercise that makes me feel strong. Sometimes I feel like even yoga is more beneficial than cardio because of having to build up stenght in the core and arms. That's what I meant to say. Surely what matters is how the exercise makes you feel and not purely the amount of energy you use…
  • Honestly there's no point in doing some detox. If you say to yourself 'i won't eat this cause I can't ' you'll end up stressing about it too much. If you think 'i can have this but I don't want to' you're putting yourself in a much healthier position. Remember it's about the mental side of things too. Besides what are you…
  • That's how it began with me and it spiralled into a full blown eating disorder. Only that I was unaware or rather refused to acknowledge what I was doing. Please, I don't know you, but please get help before it's too late. Even if you have the tiniest doubt in you that what you're doing is healthy, please do something…
  • I eat loads of them and have been vegetarian for a while. I was at my aunt's though making myself some veggie soup and I didn't cover with a lid and she said im 'letting all the nutrients out'. So it made me want to check the facts haha
  • Thanks! I'll have a look at those!
  • You said about macros but how exactly does that work with weight loss? Is it the ratio of macros that matters or is it merely about sticking to the same split every day? I ask because no one can tell me what a good amount of carbs would be so if I'm comfortable eating 70-80% and stuck to this daily would it have the same…
  • I've been doing the Kayla Itsines BBG guide 1 and then some other things on off days. But hers are more squats, burpees, lunges, that kind of thing. Not the typical weighted exercises. Perhaps need a change in that department
  • So should my main focus be exercise then? I guess if I'm burning hundreds of calories I can't be at 1200 at the same time. I mean i can be very full at that amount from veg but I guess energy wise not enough
  • I eat red kidney beans, green peas and chickpeas but I can't have much due to stomach pains :((((
  • I have no access to a gym because i moved so far I'd need a car which I don't have. I can do cardio like jogging and cycling though. Would this help anything? And I assume jogging would be better?
  • I ate at 1200 when I started. And lost weight. But then I went up to around 1600-1700cal. And now I'm trying to go to 1200-1300 again. I used to use a food scale so it was accurate. I no longer do because I now know how many spoons of this or that weighs because I eat the same things.
  • Think of your goals and ask yourself if it's worth it. That's it really.
  • Eat loads of veg. I had a soup with half a kilo of vegetables and it was only about 200cal. I was so full for hours. For breakfast I have oatmeal with fruit, it also keeps me really full. I snack on more fruit and veg and honestly sometimes I have to eat when I'm not even that hungry just to not eat too little calories.…
  • Honestly it's just all this information being constantly thrown out on the internet, so after reading all these contradictory articles one has to wonder :neutral:
  • I have semolina. I put in about 100g of frozen berries while it's cooking which then melt and give it this amazing berry taste and purple colours. For extra taste I use jam 100% made of fruit with no sugar. Add some bran for more fibre and a beauty bowl is ready to go
  • Does it help slim out thighs? That's my main area I want to see improvement in so was wondering! And did you follow the nutrition guide? I eat really healthy but don't follow the guide she put out there
  • You won me over at Bugs Bunny hahahaha
  • Haha thanks for the input everyone. I had four today so around 600g in total :D
  • That does sound fair enough. A bit sad but very fair
  • Oh I see I see. This is more reason to ditch the scales then I guess. I need to start going by tape measurements and progress photos more then.
  • Oh okay, it was one of those big scales at the gym. They have them in Boots as well of you're from the UK. Even if it is rough, I would understand 1% off but 3%?!)
  • Orange juice