Kayla Itsines BBG

Thought it would be nice to get all the ladies doing the bikini body guide together for some motivation and support :)

I just started week 2 so wish me luck. They are surprisingly hard but make you feel so good afterwards!


  • sars89
    sars89 Posts: 20 Member
    Hi :) I've just finished week 6 on my second time around. It is hard work!! It does get results though :)
  • crevtion
    crevtion Posts: 72 Member
    Does it help slim out thighs? That's my main area I want to see improvement in so was wondering! And did you follow the nutrition guide? I eat really healthy but don't follow the guide she put out there
  • Alice_Luther
    Alice_Luther Posts: 93 Member
    Hi :) Ive done some of the BBG program before and I love it for the exercises and the food plan is good but I follow my own food plan. Ive tweaked the exercises to be a bit more what i want at the moment as well.

    With slimming thighs I dont think you can burn fat from a specific area by doing a specific exercise however you will burn fat overall. Which means youll loose fat from your thighs and your stomach/arms/face etc. Your exercises will tone muscle so once they are uncovered theyll look awesome. Also the mixture of low intensity, high intensity and strength in the program will mean a good fat burn overall. Ive recently learnt that strength is essential for the kind of results i want to see (slim and toned/with muscle). For me its about burning off that layer of fat to see the muscle underneath! Strength is good fat burning.

    Overall I do like the BBG program and i love the kind of healthy image and eating that Kayla promotes. I enjoy that she doesnt promote super low calorie consumption and unattainable body image. My only criticism would be that diet/calories and macronutrients are very person/weight/gender specific. So a 7 day plan for me may not work for my friends. I love to use the meal plans for recipe ideas to add in as part of my diet.