Your go to breakfast.



  • Lin_marie11
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    I usually have eggs mixed with spinach and cheese. Or Greek yogurt with banana and special k cereal mixed in.
  • divcara
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    3/4 cup rolled oats plus 2 eggs & 3/4 cup egg whites with spinach and onions...and hot sauce! Pretty much every day.
  • HeatherLeAnn622
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    breakfast sandwich: whole wheat toast, 2 eggs, 1/2 oz of colby cheese between the 2 eggs. I sometimes add a slice of tomato if I have one.
  • Chunkahlunkah
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    It varies. I have maybe a dozen go to's. I tend to be into one more than the others for a few weeks at a time.
    Probably the only constant is my drink, either coffee or tea.

    Today I had beef & black beans prepared with taco seasoning, placed in a wrap with a little sour cream and some fresh cilantro.
  • astrampe
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    Weekdays, oatmeal, egg whites (fluffed up) and berries. Weekends - eggs & toast with avo (if I have some in the house) and/or bacon.
  • fitoverfortymom
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    Right now it's Greek yogurt with Fiber One cereal and a clementine and low sodium V8. For a while there it was a boiled egg on crispbread crackers with a clementine and low sodium V8. Took me a while to find a Greek yogurt I liked, but I was so danged bored with eggs and regular yogurt doesn't have quite the nutrition/calorie profile I was looking for. I also needed to up my fiber, thus the addition of Fiber One.

    Finally found Yoplait Greek 100 and Tillamook Farmstyle Greek. Both excellent.
  • SueHolt3
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    Lately, I've been enjoying cottage cheese on toast!
  • powercycle
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    Lately its often been a bagel, 2-3 eggs, & coffee. I do mix it up but coffee is the only constant.
  • pmm3437
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    3 Eggs, 1 serving bacon or sausage, light whole grain english muffin w/ butter or cream cheese is pretty standard.

    Alternatively, I have been experimenting with breakfast meatloaf, protein waffles, and other low carb breakfast ideas.
  • SR1986
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    2 egg whites, 1 whole egg scrambled, a serving of deli ham and 1 slice of wheat bread with 2 tablespoons of reduced fat peanut butter. It's a good mix of carbs,fat and protein for me.
  • Madiandclancy
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    Fruit and veggie smoothie! 1C raw baby spinach or kale, 1 whole orange, 1/2 C fresh or frozen blueberries, 1/2C Bolthouse green or blue smoothie and about 8 oz. GT's kombucha. It makes a lot and is super filling and I get most of my vitamin C and vitamin A right off the bat!
  • Beka3695
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    My favorite is a breakfast sandwich made with a Thomas light whole grain English muffin (100 cal.), a large microwaved scrambled egg (nothing added except a small amt. of water; 72 cal.), pre-cooked turkey sausage, bacon or Canadian bacon (35-65 cal.) and a slice of American cheese (70 cal.) for a total of 310 calories max.

    Where did you buy your english muffin brand Thomas?please

    The Thomas brand can be found across the US at most any grocery chain. Their packaging is white and orange. They are found in the bread isle, not refrigerated.
  • kristin_angel121
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    i have an egg white and spinach omelette every morning with picante sauce and, of course, coffee!
  • crevtion
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    I have semolina. I put in about 100g of frozen berries while it's cooking which then melt and give it this amazing berry taste and purple colours. For extra taste I use jam 100% made of fruit with no sugar. Add some bran for more fibre and a beauty bowl is ready to go
  • nowine4me
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    Ezikiel English muffin with almond butter
  • jayv85
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    an egg (we have 15 chickens so we have a lot of eggs) and toast with either butter or PB.... and coffee
  • JB035
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    Banana while cooking......
    4 eggs with cheese and 4 corn tortillas,
    or 4 eggs with 2 insta packs of plain oatmeal,
    or 4 eggs over easy and a couple slices of toast.

    Usually Sundays consist of a cheat with my breakfast; donuts, cinnamon roll or I'll add something to my oatmeal.

    The goal is to hit at least 30 grams of protein and 40-50 carbs with enough fats.
  • yayamom3
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    Black coffee. I slowly weaned myself off breakfast awhile ago, because I'd rather enjoy those calories later in the day.
  • jackiehussein
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    I have porridge followed by a serving of greek yogurt and fresh fruit
  • Greek yogurt with granola and fruit most days.