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  • Please click "Groups" at the top of the page, and see if your group is on that page. We imported ALL content from the forums and groups, as far as we are aware...
  • WAY better spam prevention and controls here. We haven't been putting resources (other than manual labor) into solving the spam problem in forums for the past months because resources were going into this move, where spam tools are absolutely superior
  • Definitely just a workaround for phase one of the update.
  • You can also pull the BBCode from and paste that
  • (Hot tip: click the star at the top of any topic you want to follow and you can jump to those topics in the star menu at the top right… and when you return to a topic, you're placed at the last post you read)
  • There are a bunch of features (such as Likes) that we can turn on as we go forward. We've started with a smallish set of the available features so we can achieve stability before we start opening Pandora's box. We are encouraging feedback and suggestions in Website Suggestions topic.
  • Instructions for new-ish features are here:
  • Here are some thoughts about the reason for the update, and our awareness of what is still on our to-do list:
  • Not possible to gaslight our perceptive community! Indeed, we've had these in a testing environment for a week or so, wanted to make sure there were no glitches when we launched. Having said that, if anything isn't working as it should, please post in our Tech Support forums and we'll get working on a fix!
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  • Hi Folks, This thread is beginning to raise concerns in the community, and is being locked before more users cross the line set by Many points of view have been expressed, and if the OP needs further input from the community that can continue in Private Messages, on News Feeds, or in groups. Steven MyFitnessPal Staff
  • Thank you all so very much for your enthusiasm and willingness to spend some time with us. It looks like we've got a healthy collection of volunteers -- enough to fill our current available interview slots -- so i'm going to lock the thread for the time being. I will re-open the thread if we're unable to confirm…
  • I'll definitely see if the team running this pilot program is open to Skype meetings. Maybe for phase two if we expand the interview project? I can't say for sure, but I'll definitely pass the feedback along.
  • I believe the OP has had ample opportunity to receive feedback from the community, and the thread is diverging into less productive realms. Regards, Steven MyFitnessPal Staff
  • Folks, This has gotten out of hand and I think the OP has had enough opportunity t have her question answered. I'm locking this under the following guideline: Steven MyFitnessPal Staff
  • Please note this thread is being locked for violating the following guideline: Regards, Steven MyFitnessPal Staff
  • Hi Folks, I hope the OP has found the responses to this thread helpful. As discussions of this nature in the public forums can be have a triggering effect on others, I will be locking the thread at this point. Those who wish to continue supporting the OP, please take up the conversation via wall posts or PMs. And please…
  • Hi Folks, The original subject matter of the thread is not a violation of our guidelines, but the thread is becoming a target for sexual content, rather than just a place to identify one's sexuality. I recommend anyone interested in resuming this topic search the Groups area. There are several LGBT groups where this…