Sexual Orientation?



  • windycitycupcake
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    lets wait until the thread reaches 8 pages then count how many heterosexual men comment that they are lesbians trapped in men's bodies.
  • Pollywog39
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    Very straight.......................
  • terrappyn
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    I classify myself as bi.

    Though my friends and I have agreed that labels are not necessary. People are who they are and thats all there is to it! :) No judgment zone.....
  • DonniesGirl69
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    You can't have your vagina and eat it too...

    Unless you're really REALLY flexible.....
  • gshoemaker06
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    You can't have your vagina and eat it too...

    Actually, I have a vagina - but I can't eat it.

    Lol... which is exactly what the expression says =)
  • feltlikesound
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    I'm a married lesbian, living the dream.
  • Straight.

    And on a side note Sheri you better not be tossing me in with the crazy exes!
  • anniebonnie
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    Straight as far as I know:) I think I might be bicurious or bisexual however. I spent the longest time telling people I was bisexual actually, but now I'm starting to realize that maybe I was just curious instead haha...oh wellXP
  • I'm Asexual. It kinda sucks not feeling normal but ah well
  • Straight but not narrow.

    Also: in before the lock?
  • Lol... which is exactly what the expression says =)

    Oh yeah, it does.....

    *goes back to sleep*
  • Going4Lean
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    Homosexual :)
  • I'm trisexual. I'll try anything that's sexual.

    (hoping that hasn't been used already)
  • dsmboy1991
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  • silvergurl518
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    i like bewbz. they're fun :) but i want relationships with men, not women. too much estrogen! ack! and one day i hope to marry a man, have a dad for my kids. everyone's fun to look at though, but at the end of the day, i want to snuggle up to a strong man with some chest hair and a deep voice. yum! :) still, bewbz. haha. this topic used to torture me growing up before i realized it was totally OK to not be one extreme or the other. sexuality is fluid.
  • Chapstick... I'll have to adopt that one...:smile:
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    Hi Folks,

    The original subject matter of the thread is not a violation of our guidelines, but the thread is becoming a target for sexual content, rather than just a place to identify one's sexuality.
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    MyFitnessPal Staff
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