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  • Hello new to IF. Need a community so I'm glad this is available for me. Will be checking in now and then. This should be interesting!
  • Heaviest weight: 204 January 1st: unknown May 26 196 Current weight: 194 June weight lost so far: 2 Weight lost this year: 2 Daily Focus: 🌼 Weigh in each morning 🌼 Photo Daily 🌼 Eat at or under my calorie goal 🌼 Log honestly and consistently 🌼Post each morning under this challenge 🌼 Run 45 min on days off Stretch Goals:…
  • That sounds great! I have been running/jogging 45 min a.m. then working outside on wood in afternoon.Work days (12 hr shift) as a rapid response nurse exhausts me. I skipped one day so not sure if that disqualifies me to start all over again but had to rest. The time is my issue on those long days
  • Thats great everyone. I have to say daily photos have inspired me to keep going. I don't hit every goal each day but it gives me tons of incentive to do all that I can
  • 45 min run done this a.m. Need to do better today with meals . Yesterday I wasnt prepared enough at work. Heading to work for another 12 hr day. Cool summer morning. Sun is about to come up. Thank God for coffee
  • I've been doing the two 45-minute workouts and I'm pretty proud of myself for getting up at 4:45 a.m. to fit in the 45-minute run before work. I've been staying below my calorie intake which was my diet goal and I've been listening to self-improvement podcast and reading some non-fiction books which I consider to be…
  • Thank you for that advice. In my case I am sweating at the Sun during the 45-minute morning exercise and then I'm in my yard stacking wood and splitting wood doing really strenuous work. It's been pretty hot out and unfortunately I have a very bad tendency to retain salt. So far the amount of water intake is good but I…
  • If you do a 5K I will do one around same time as you! I have never run in one but used to run cross country in high school forever ago
  • Speaking of fiber....would something like a fiber gummy (supplement) make you feel full? What are your thoughts on this?
  • Thanks for the info. I did a little extra this am on my run to get closer to 45 min so that was good. I figired why not do 45 min on my days off. Working 12 hr shift will make it very difficult but I will do it.
  • SW: 192.2 Day/Weight/Comment 8/10 192.2. Exercised twice; gallon water; under calorie allowance; photo taken; 8/11 191.1 meditated; heading out now to run this a.m., plan gallon water today, outdoor yard work later this afternoon; take the dreaded photo soon. Lol 8/12 8/13 8/14 8/15 8/16 8/17 8/18 8/19
  • I can fit in 30 min exercise in a.m. daily and some sort of exercise outside in the evening. Is the 45 min intended to be cumulative per day or 45 min for morning and 45 min afternoon? By the way. That gallon of water thing. Lesson learned. Start early so you're not floating later in the day trying to catch up. Lol
  • Thank you. I am finding people put up challenges in the Community area and respond to each other there
  • Grrr i can't seem to upload a photo to this reply but its in my phone! I put it in my weight photo which is ok for now. Will try to figure it out later. Ran 2 miles. Onto clean process free meals today
  • heaviest weight: 204 current weight: 192.20 goal weight: 150 Goal for 10 day challenge: 4 pounds lost weight lost (lb): Strategy: Clean eating; running 2 miles daily: 80 ounces; Counting calories in fitbit and attempting to do some form of outside work in afternoons (using log splitter/stacking wood, yard work) is my goal…
  • Hi I am trying to find challenges too. Just joined so I thought it was just me
  • This is awesome. I am trying to find how to add this challenge to my fitness pal. Excellent! 45 min twice a day...thats some serious workout but love it.
  • Hello! I would love some friends as I navigate this website/app. I do very well with challenges!