Intermittent fasting

I been intermittent fasting for over a month now. I lost 2kgs in the first 2 weeks and now nothing. I’m clearly doing something wrong. What do you eat in a day while intermittent fasting?


  • Xellercin
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    Why do you assume you are doing something wrong. Do you expect to lose weight every week? Because no weight loss approach will produce that consistently. I've lost a lot of weight steadily over time and sometime had periods where the scale didn't budge for nearly 2 months, and yet, over the course of the year, the rate of loss was steady over time.

    Don't over correct because of short term results.
  • HarveysBud
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    What @ccrdragon said. Pick a calorie defecit you are comfortable with, and the process will reap you rewards. Just be consistent and keep under your daily intake.
  • robnamyalford
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    Hi there, I am doing Int Fast + a very low carb, high protein diet. I try to stay around 1200 calories a day however, I was up to 268 lbs with a goal of 160-150 lbs. I started about 3 months ago with c calories in low carb high protein however I added in intermittent fasting about a month and a half ago. I started with the 16/8, 8 hours of eating a day 16 hours off and every two weeks I would increase by an hour or two, not pressuring myself just whatever I felt comfortable with. About 5 days ago I started the 20/4, 4 hours of eating a day 20 hours off and I am shocked at how my body has adjusted and I'm really not hungry during those 20 hours. I had to force feed myself my entire meal just now as my first meal of the day. I have seen several places that with intermittent fasting and keto diets that you can plateau with the scale or that is, you think your plateauing when really you're not. The scale won't move but you're still losing inches and fat content. From the things that I've seen it says not to be surprised if there is a plateau on the scale for three four even five days and then when you get on it after that you'll have a significant weight loss where the weight loss finally catches up on the scale. As someone who is new to this as well, my newbie advice would be common sense, if what you're doing is working for you you're not having any problems keeping up with your program then just keep going ignore the scale for a couple days as hard as that is to do. As long as you're doing what you're supposed to be doing the weight will come off, it absolutely will. Just be patient with the scale and keep doing what you're supposed to do, eventually we will all get to where we need or want to be.. good luck and congratulations on how far you've came already
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    Hello new to IF. Need a community so I'm glad this is available for me. Will be checking in now and then. This should be interesting!
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    IF isn't a magic bullet. It's just a tool that works for some people to help them not to over-consume. You still need to be in overall caloric deficit to lose weight.
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    I’m not a fitness guru but, I have been doing research. And one thing that keeps popping up is don’t rely on the scales! One of the best ways to keep track of your progress, is to take pictures of yourself. This way you can see your progress. Also, your weight will fluctuate. It will go up it will go down, It will even plateau. The biggest thing is don’t give up.