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  • All weight loss is because of a calorie deficit- that is it - its not complicated. Anyone that tells you different is trying to sell you something. WW, Slimming world etc don't want you to lose weight because you won't be paying them. Calorie counting becomes easy and natural after a while - losing weight isn't easy though…
  • I have issues with constant hunger too - as others have said its important to play around with your macros and find which foods are the most satiating for you. I need a balance with higher protien and I don't skimp on fat either otherwise I'm starving. An example is eggs avocado and wholemeal toast for breakfast makes me…
  • Batch cooking is the answer - as others have said hard boiled eggs are great to grab and go - porridge in the microwave takes 2 mins - throw some frozen Berries and nuts in there. Greek yoghurt with fruit and nuts Batch cook some frittatas and put them in the freezer - 2 mins in the microwave. I often have some sort of…
  • Don't worry about it - you can enter all your foods manually and if you don't want to there are other apps with a free barcode scanner - don't sweat the small stuff 😁
  • I drink a lot of liquids so I need the toilet a LOT! I spent a day at home the other week and my Fitbit said that I had done 5000 steps - my flat is tiny 😂 I recommend trips to the toilet all day long!
  • Eggs keep me full - whole eggs with avocado, tomato, spinach and some wholegrain toast is a go to breakfast for me that keeps me full till lunch. I find lunch tricky because this is my most hungry time but I want to keep calories fairly low so I can enjoy a decent dinner - so something like a tuna and chickpea salad with a…
  • Now these are food from tge God's 😍 low calorie too until you slather them in salty butter 😍😍😍
  • It depends how much time I have - I've usually got a few things already prepped ready to cook - but recently I've been getting slack. I'm into noodles at the moment - I made pad thai with prawns tge other night that took 10 mins - I bought the stir fry veg and the sauce pre packaged to that was my cheat - I just threw…
  • I look completely different in my head than I do in reality- in my head I look so much younger and slimmer lol! I look so different from so many perspectives - in the mirror or on a selfie I don't look too bad because I'm controlling it - but a picture that someone else has taken is pure horror! And I don't even recognise…
  • Greek salad is my favourite- but I usually make a hybrid version - with the usual feta, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and olives But I add baby spinach rocket and watercress, grated carrot, radishes, yellow peppers and betroot. I make a massive bowl of it and it lasts in the fridge for 3-4 days. I don't usually eat…
  • I've gained 9lbs this year. It doesn't sound like a lot to some - but for me it's months of hard work down the drain. I have changed my medication and have been a lot more sedentary over the last couple of months and my hunger is at a 10. It's a 4 day weekend in the UK for the Queens Jubilee - basically an excuse to drink…
  • Pork pies, scotch eggs, black pudding, pickled eggs and jellied eels etc... ALL of those old fashioned 'meat' products are just Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww! 🤢 And don't even get me started on pate` 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
  • I drink black coffee no sugar and it often makes me hungry - I'm trying to slowly phase coffee out and drink tea which doesn't have the same effect. If I go to a coffee shop I usually have a full fat mocha which is a sugary drink and it quiets my hunger for a while.
  • I had my wisdom teeth out last week so I can only eat soft food - I just struggled through some scrambled eggs and avocado - it was nice though 😊
  • Being overweight in the summer heat is torture! If anything it's a massive motivation for me to keep the 50lbs I lost off. The sweaty misery of wearing clothes to cover up is motivation too.
  • Ew yes Asparagus is just gross 🤢 Brussels sprouts are amazing though 😍
  • Lower carb affects my moods too. When I started my weight loss journey I experimented with lower carb and I lost weight but I was miserable and obsessing over food. Finding a way that you can be at a deficit that's comfortable for you takes time with a lot of trial and error. I'm a firm believer of not eliminating any food…
  • Bananas are gross 🤢 I have a slight allergy to them too - it feels like the roof of my mouth has been cut They're evil!
  • I don't pre log because I always change my mind - but I do meal prep - so I have foods on rotation for the week. It saves money and time It also really helps me keep my calories down because there's always something ready to eat. I need to start planning snacks for when I'm out and about because this is where I fall short.…
  • I agree totally. I'm from the UK and lived in Asia for over 15yrs It's just something I don't like - this is an unpopular opinion thread after all 😁
  • I really don't like rice. Everything about it - the way it looks, the texture - and the smell of it cooking is just vile!
  • Custard filled chocolate topped choux buns 😍😍😍😍😍
  • No foods make you fat. Over eating makes you fat - it's just that some foods are highly palitable and much more fun to over eat. Usually the combination of salt, fat and sugar.
  • These are custard filled choux buns with chocolate on top 😍 They're from Marks and Spencers and come in packets of 2 - I'm obsessed! They are light as air so obviously I had to eat them both - they're 300 calories each!!!!
  • I haven't tried it yet but I had done one recommended freezing grapes - they sound pretty good.
  • Chamomile tea with nothing added is my go to tea - I also like lemon and ginger maybe with a bit of honey.
  • [/quote] I get creeped out watching people dip cookies in milk (or coffee, or hot chocolate) Really dipping anything in any beverage grosses me out.[/quote] Ewwwww dipping things in drinks is disgusting 🤢 Dipping biscuits in tea and then drinking the tea really makes me want to gag Also juice with pulp 🤢 I'm not a fan of…
  • Exactly- I also drink black coffee and Starbucks coffee beans taste awful. Maybe that's why they add so much sweet junk to it - to make it taste better.
  • This works for me too. Mindless snacking is a problem for me in the evening even if I have a filling dinner. So it's been better for me to draw a line after my main meal around 4pm. This wouldn't work for most people but it fits into my schedule. I lost 50 lbs doing this.
  • Relaxing about my 'diet' helped me a lot. To eat foods I enjoy within my calories not because they are 'diet foods' Learning to cook healthier recipes and batch cooking them. Avoiding takeaways as much as possible. Getting rid of the all or nothing mindset - life happens and it's OK to go over my calories once in a while -…