What's your easy go to for breakfast?



  • Walkywalkerson
    Walkywalkerson Posts: 451 Member
    Batch cooking is the answer - as others have said hard boiled eggs are great to grab and go - porridge in the microwave takes 2 mins - throw some frozen Berries and nuts in there.
    Greek yoghurt with fruit and nuts
    Batch cook some frittatas and put them in the freezer - 2 mins in the microwave.
    I often have some sort of breakfast sandwich that can also be prepared in advance.
    I'm a big fan of dinner leftovers for breakfast too 😁

  • COGypsy
    COGypsy Posts: 931 Member
    Generally eggs and normally fried in butter or kefir and some berries. Takes a few minutes.

    I clearly need more juice this morning. I got a little grossed out by the thought of eggs fried in kefir!
  • JaysFan82
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    Coffee, whole wheat English muffin and I can't Believe It's Not Butter Light
  • AnnPT77
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    Ezekiel pita with 2T peanut butter smeared on it, then rolled up. Small glass of kefir on the side.

    The pita are frozen, so I run one under the faucet quickly and shake it off (so it won't dry out), blop the peanut butter on top, stick it in the zap-o-wave for 30 seconds to thaw the pita and make the PB more spread-y. It's quick.

    I eat this every morning when I row (on a river, not at home). I'm careful about timing while driving, but I can even glug down the kefir then take the rolled pita with me in the car. Usually I'd put a little hot skim milk with vanilla in a travel cup in addition, to wash it down with, if taking it with. (I don't like to drink coffee before rowing: For me, too diuretic. Otherwise, I'd have coffee in the travel cup.)

    The 434 calories (which includes the milk) might be too many for you, dunno. The combination (which has 30g protein, 7g fiber, healthy fats), holds me through rowing until lunch.