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  • PS to all the people who were foolish enough to think I was only trying to lose weight for 4 days. Read it again. Then again. I said Saxenda side effects and weight loss. I've been actively trying for 7 months and the scale and my fat mass has not budged at all. As far as not responding earlier, I have a JOB
  • Thank you for the straight answers re my question and the comments about getting the thyroid check after surgeries. That makes sense, considering the high dose of pain medications and anesthesia could have played a factor. As far as the other comments, I should not have sank so low as to respond if I owned a food scale or…
  • Except Vintage, the clinical advice was 2 days. Thank you for calling my physician l absurd. I'm sure she won't care.
  • Yes! This helps! Thank you for being one of the few who gave me a straight answer!
  • Well evidently this thread didn't and up being about me. Please whatever you do, pay attention to sugar. Studies have shown it's similar to a cocaine addiction. It wrecks havoc on your metabolism and can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. It breaks down the collagen in your skin, leading to early aging. Sugar is one…
  • Hunger and nausea are side effects, as to which I've experienced none, making me think my batch or rx is even valid. The reason I'm taking it is that it allows your body to process sugars and fats more efficiently, clearly what my body is not doing now. I was given a sample kit from my doctor and I'm thinking since I'm the…
  • I would love to hear what you are doing that is different from calorie deficit, no sugar, no processed carbs, portion control, no alcohol, high fiber, lots of water, 5 workouts per week including cardio and strength training, plus walking my dogs 30 mins a day every week. Plus weekend hikes. Please tell me.
  • Nope! It all changed after my back to back gallbladder and neck surgeries. That amount of downtime caused 40 lbs weight gain. I've been very strict. Saxenda only came into my life because I'm officially obese now. I used to be a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. I'm back to to my normal level of training and…
  • You know how someone asks you something very elementary, and you have been doing your job for 20 years so it's kind of insulting? I count calories, protein, sugars, carbs and fiber and sodium. Drink my water. I'm not looking for an easy fix. I'm looking for a medical fix at this point because my body fat level just reached…
  • Hi, I'm contacting them tomorrow. I've read over 400 posts, and they all have had side affects, hunger reduction, and weight loss. It may as well be saline to my body. Yes I started at the lowest dose. It's so frustrating.
  • I started saxenda 4 days ago. I've had zero side effects, am still hungry as ever, and even GAINED 3 lbs. I have a very controlled diet and exercise frequently. Why am I the only one who hasn't lost anything? What a waste of money.