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  • I broke my habit of eating chips in front of the TV by substituting a bowl of spring mix lettuce. It sounds utterly ridiculous but I don't mind plain lettuce and it gave me something to nibble on until I broke the snacking habit.
  • Yes, many people need more activity in their lives. Both diet and exercise are needed for health. As far as weight loss, I firmly believe it's 80% in the kitchen. My favorite maxim is "you can't outrun your fork".
  • Initially I lost weight through portion control but honestly for me it's not sustainable. I get around it by filling up on leafy greens, low-starch vegetables, and fresh fruit. Chef AJ's book got me down the "vegetables for breakfast" path and it's been so much easier than calorie counting or portion control. My weight was…
  • My wake up call was weighing in at 199 lb at the doctors office, turned out to be 192 without my winter clothes. The number galvanized me out of my denial. I lost 55 lb over the next 18 months. I blew past my goal weight of 165, blew past the second goal of 150, and finally settled around 137 lb., which is actually less…
  • I don't know how you could possibly assess that. All the epidemiology shows that people who eat a nutritious diet don't tend to gain weight in the first place. Focusing on eating enough fruits, vegetables, and fiber does confer substantial health benefits though, and it's easier to control than weight loss. On that note,…
  • As others point out, BED has nothing to do with calories or an arbitrary threshold. It's having a couple cookies, going back for more because the first were gone before you knew it, swinging by the kitchen for just one more, saying screw it and getting the rest of the box, and eventually ending up with a horrible stomach…
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  • 55 lb lost, with a 100-calorie portion of dark chocolate or cookies whenever I could save up the calories. I probably have sweets 2-3 days a week.
  • Losing weight requires a change of some sort. Personally I did it by tracking calories but a restrictive diet also changes behavior and what/how much you eat. The only problem is to keep weight off you have to keep doing whatever you did to lose it. Most folks aren't prepared to stick to…
  • Hi, I'm new here. Is anyone else crazy enough to take up running for the first time at 49 years old? Any tips to avoid killing myself? :smile: I've almost worked up to a slooooow 5K.
  • Thanks for the welcome. :smile: I'm still learning.
  • If you only diet and don't exercise and eat protein you will lose muscle as well as fat.