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  • Oh I have no patience for that kind of stuff, and would not even take the bait. I didn't know you were mixing it up like that. What bothered me was this was a moderator, telling me I was posting dangerous unhealthy information, and that basically they would be keeping an eye on me. Excuse me? With all the other cockamamie…
  • Exactly what I wrote above "promoting unsafe or unhealthy practices". They didn't cite a specific post but I assume it was something I posted on fasting which they lump in with dangerous eating disorders like bulimia. It made me hot under the collar and I deleted my account. I'm not sure why but on my phone I'm still…
  • I've been warned by MFP for promoting unsafe or unhealthy practices. Of course I did no such thing. Unfortunately I do not feel welcome now and will not continue to participate since I am effectively prohibited from simply describing my experiences. I am not the type of person who handles being told what not to say very…
  • You're dropping fast Tracey, nice. Are you fasting?
  • Good job on the consistent losses Sammy, it "feels natural" to me as well. I'm to the point I could change things up if I wanted to, expand the eating window etc, but I just don't feel like it. This seems to be my life now. At least for now I'm fine eating once per day and it really is no big deal. Hunger during the day?…
  • Good update Niha, sound like you're getting back on track.
  • 10/1: 13.3 10/2: Rest 10/3: 4.2 10/4: 4.4 10/5: 6 10/6: 1.8 10/7: 2.7 10/8: 11 10/9: rest 10/10: 6 10/11: 4 Total 53.4 Goal 120 miles Upcoming races: 11/25 Schaumburg HM
  • Thank you @garygse and @ariceroni for documenting your marathon experiences so well. Both of you ran awesome races to be proud of. As I prepare for my first half marathon next month it was cool to vicariously experience your races via your posts and pictures.
  • 10/1: 13.3 10/2: Rest 10/3: 4.2 10/4: 4.4 10/5: 6 10/6: 1.8 10/7: 2.7 10/8: 11 10/9: rest 10/10: 6 Total 49.4 Goal 120 miles Upcoming races: 11/25 Schaumburg HM
  • Congrats Bob. I know how hard you've been working on this and how exciting it is to see that barrier broken down. Great job and good luck with the next 20.
  • Gorgeous couple, your daughter is beautiful.
  • Thought I'd update my before/after pic. Weigh 175 pounds now so not much change, just a different perspective.
  • 10/1 13.3 10/2 Rest 10/3 4.2 10/4 4.4 10/5 6 10/6 1.8 10/7 2.7 10/8 11 Total 43.4 Goal 120 miles I thought I posted this earlier but I must not have hit "post reply" because it didn't show up. trying again. Upcoming races: 11/25 Schaumburg HM
  • You've already got a pretty solid routine going, I'm sure a 10k or HM are within your scope. I'm currently running roughly 120 miles a month. Up until recently it's been mostly all easy runs with some occasional intervals thrown in. Lately I've been trying to work in some up tempo runs into the mix. For example I ran a…
  • Thx Brenda, Bob. Yeah I like the distance challenge. It's not a sure thing yet, but I've penciled in a half marathon for Nov 25. If I train well for the next 4 weeks I'll give it a go. I figure it would be a big exclamation point on this year of transformation.
  • It keeps ticking down, you prove that patience pays off. It won't be long until one day your scale shows a 160 number.
  • Bravo, good for you. Take a well deserved bow.
  • Good for you. What matters is not the comparison to others but your own personal improvement. No one can take that away from you. Keep setting goals and achieve them. Good luck.
  • Did an 11 mile run this morning in 2hr 3 min (11.2 pace).
  • 10/1 13.3 10/2 Rest 10/3 4.2 10/4 4.4 10/5 6 10/6 1.8 10/7 2.7 Total 32.4 Goal 120 miles Upcoming races: 11/25 Schaumburg HM
  • Yes but not only in the beginning. Learn to live with some hunger in your life, you'll be better off for it.
  • 10/1 13.3 10/2 Rest 10/3 4.2 10/4 4.4 10/5 6 10/6 1.8 Total 29.7 Goal 120 Had planned on 4 but it started raining and I was a little fatigued from yesterday so I cut it short. Tomorrow is another day. Upcoming races: 11/25 Schaumburg HM
  • In a word yes. I went from 5X to medium and dropped 13 pant sizes. So not only have I spent a small fortune on clothes this year, but for the first time in my life I've grown to actually like to shop for clothes. I'm dressing more sharply and in colors I would never have tried before, being more adventurous with style and…
  • Good luck man, hope you have a smooth run.
  • Week after week, you're doing great Sammy.
  • Yeah I'm doing it as an experiment. At this point I'm not really expecting it to be a permanent eating solution. Not because of nutrients though, from what I've been reading there is really nothing except for perhaps vitamin C that you can only get in plants. Meat supplies pretty much everything you need and usually in…
  • Bob that is interesting and an amazing PR especially on hills. Yay for coconut oil! As you know I come at it from the other side, I run fasted and have been experiencing until recently clear signals (bonking) when I go too hard, although slow paced runs were not an issue. However I've been on a new diet last 8-9 days and…
  • Great job @Meltingangel You are really melting the weight off!
  • 10/1 13.3 10/2 Rest 10/3 4.2 10/4 4.4 10/5 6 Total 27.9 Goal 120 Did a 6 mile up tempo run today and really felt nice. I think things are really coming together for me over the last week or so. The improvement is very noticeable. In the early summer I was around 12 min/mile, now I'm in a range 9.5 to 10.5 depending on…