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  • Trying to lose the weight after kid number two also. It definitely isn't just dropping off like it did before! I'm just focusing on being consistent. I gained this weight from 18 months of being pregnant (and six months worth of infertility treatments), I know in my head that it will take time to lose it too. I've got…
  • This is me! I'm down almost 5, with 20 yet to go. I'm pretty confident that most of that five is water weight plus the fluctuation from the monthly shark week, but it is nice to see the scale go down! I also like weighing everyday to see the trend. I also feel like it helps me stay accountable. Good luck! Keep it up!
  • I craved my Doritos last night! But going without sucks, so tonight I'm leaving enough calories to have some kind of treat :) I'm not sure what the answer is, but my own options for the snacks were eat, replace, or go without.
  • Hi all! 6 months pp and I'd love some fellow mom friends! I love my girls, but I'm not in love with the mom body aftermath lol.
  • I bought some before I joined up here and started really calorie counting because of the vague notion that granola = healthy. The kind I bought isn't terrible, but packs some real calories when I heap it into a bowl lol. I love it so now I'm just going to stretch it more or just plan accordingly.
  • I drink both because they taste good. I find that I drink more water if I add lemon or lime. I recently tossed some fresh pineapple in my water bottle and that was pretty delish!
  • I wish I was near a beach! I'm doing this to be more comfortable in my own skin, and to not slide the opposite way.
  • Thank you guys for the advice! It can definitely be hard to put myself first, but I can see this being a slippery slope.