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Mom of two trying to get back to pre pregnancy weight.

brookekreuh Posts: 1 Member
edited July 2017 in Health and Weight Loss
Hi im a mom of 2 kids 6 boy and 2 girl.
After i had my son by the time he was 2 years old i was roughly 7lbs away from pre pregnancy weight. No with ym daughter she will be 3 in october and im struggling badly. I consume no more then say 1200 to 1300 calories a day. I cant really eat fast food as it doesnt agree with my stomach half the time due to me being lactose intolerant or bad reflux. I walk , i do work out the same amount i did after i had my son but this time around it isnt working. Any tips? My main issue is my stomach i had 2 c sections and i have a pouch that wont go away id love to drop at least 30lbs by the time my daughter turns 3. Any tips?


  • kksmom1789
    kksmom1789 Posts: 281 Member
    I am sorry your having a difficult time losing weight I have a son that turns 3 October 8th he's also my youngest all I do is eat 1200-1400 calories a day and walk at least 6k steps a day I also have horrible digestive issues so I avoid dairy in large quantities and I have to eat small portions or I have horrible stomach pain
  • cr1mhab1
    cr1mhab1 Posts: 1 Member
    Same boat mama! I have one turning 3 in October and one that just turned 1. As soon as I stopped nursing my 2nd I started packing on the lbs. I'm back to eating 1200 calories and exercising. Have you tried mixing up your workouts? I just started Orange Theory- I like that they have early classes and late night classes so I don't miss time with the kiddos. I had one c section and have the pouch too! We can do this!!!
  • bhattirabia6
    bhattirabia6 Posts: 13 Member
    edited July 2017
    My youngest son will turn a year on Oct 8th. I also have to lose around 30 lbs. I am going to start counting my calories from tomorrow.
    There are a lot of videos on YouTube for stomach.
    My primary doctor said in order to lose all my pregnancy weight I should walk a lot. She said walk in the morning and walk in the evening 30-45 minutes each time.
  • momandhercoffee
    momandhercoffee Posts: 9 Member
    Trying to lose the weight after kid number two also. It definitely isn't just dropping off like it did before! I'm just focusing on being consistent. I gained this weight from 18 months of being pregnant (and six months worth of infertility treatments), I know in my head that it will take time to lose it too. I've got about 25 lbs to go to get to prepregnancy from the first kiddo.

    I'm eating 1300-1400 calories and am trying to work running into the routine. I like to run early in the mornings but getting up at 5 doesn't sound so great after being up multiple times with the baby!
  • Monisfit4life
    Monisfit4life Posts: 228 Member
    I am in the same boat. I am getting back on the grind after having my second child who is now 8 months old. I will say you might need more calories it depends on how much you currently weigh. I had to up mine to 1850 a day and I am losing weight. I am down 5 pounds so far in the past 2 weeks. Also try less carbs at night. We are all in this together! Best of luck to you.
  • Vanilla_Lattes
    Vanilla_Lattes Posts: 251 Member
    I just wanted to say you can do it! After my first baby I was about 15# from pre pregnancy weight, never bothered to try and lose the rest. Got pregnant again, this time, lost back to about 20# above pretty fast, but then gained 30# extra. I decided I'd had enough... Got down to BELOW my pre pregnancy weight and got pregnant again. Did very well, only gained about 20# total with that pregnancy. Dropped down to the weight I was before getting pregnant with her within two months. My third has a lot of health problems, and required two invasive surgeries early in life and I gained about 18# due to stress... working on getting it off, almost back to goal. Cheers!