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  • @7lenny7 that is some good speed work you are getting in. Just 5 weeks to train for a HM is pretty aggressive though, so don't overdo it. I love going for new PRs too, but I hope you can do it safely. You are just coming back from a prolonged injury. I got 6.5 miles in this morning. It was another very warm morning, but…
  • 6.2 miles this morning. Felt a little cooler than past days, but was still 75F at 4am.
  • @7lenny7 really great pictures! And great running too! Yes, am aware of the Maffetone method, and after listening to several different podcasts that all just happened to emphasize the need for easy running, I've finally got it in my head that is a good thing to do (only took me 10 years and umpteen 1000 times to hear it…
  • Yup @polskagirl01 you were in beast mode! Great job! @Teresa502 yes, that moon was beautiful this morning. I thought it was the sun at first because it was a reddish orange, then I realized it was in the wrong horizon :D As far as running up hills, I just drop it in a lower gear and try to run up without exhausting myself…
  • @kgirlhart wow, that looks like baseball size hail. It's a wonder you didn't have even more damage! Sorry for your sister's car tho, and your rosebushes. @martaindale I usually just get hangry when I don't eat when I'm hungry 😤
  • @marisap2010 yay, glad you are feeling better!
  • 14 miles this morning. Tried out my new super powers on my long run today. Gotta say, it felt pretty nice. Tried to keep HR below 120, and it only spiked up a few times for a second or two. Averaged 118. The plan is for the next 3-4 months is to keep HR below 120 and see how pace trends. Theoretically it should start…
  • @polskagirl01 huge kudos to you for your 5K race AT 10:30PM!!! I am snoring at 100 decibels at that time of night! Welcome @mmckee1189. Yup, just show up, log those miles, and try to enjoy the progress. That is the fun part of (re)starting to run. 6.2 miles this morning. After almost 10 years of running, this was my first…
  • Ha, @7lenny7 those goats are cute! That would have surprised the heck out of me if I ran across them on the trail. Your son sounds a lot like my son with regards to his girlfriend and allotting time for anyone else ;) And thanks for remembering about my daughter's Spain trip. She leaves the last week in June.
  • 5 miles on the treadmill this morning. Just didn't feel like dealing with the heat and humidity.
  • Woohoo @quilteryoyo! 👏🎉 Congrats on your 1 year streak! That is a HUGE accomplishment!
  • @quilteryoyo sorry to hear your week was so rough. But you made the best of it and will come back strong! Way to hang in there! @eleanorhawkins your Garmeen stories are hilarious! I think our watches are related :D @martaindale I feel you on the TX weather! It it going to be one hell of a summer. I commend you for racing…
  • Ha thanks @7lenny7! Your daughter's picture makes me smile :D
  • Thanks for the advice and suggestions about Barcelona @eleanorhawkins @Teresa502 @shanaber @marisap2010. I will pass it along to my daughter. 7 miles this morning. It was such a beautiful morning; upper 50F, very light wind, only 82% humidity. Found a great Spotify playlist, Kenny Wayne Shepherd radio. Wanted to make the…
  • @elenorhawkins glad to see you back. Sounds like you have been busy. Great job on those races. And feeling excitified is a great new word! I love our new vocabulary 😁 You are in Spain right? My daughter is going to Barcelona next month for a mission trip. Any insider info I can pass along to her on what to look out for,…
  • @Faebert, sorry about your fall from the ladder. That sounds really painful. You have had a rough couple of years ❣️😥 Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  • @polskagirl01 I think using the hiking in place of slow recovery runs is fully justified, and probably even more stressful on the body. Got in 6.1 miles this morning. Misting for the entire run (so 100% humidity), but it felt pretty good. Ran fairly easy for the most part, but did a fartlek at the end of each mile. Hit 221…
  • @martaindale Yes, I too was a Brooks Ghost lover for many many years, but something changed for me too and I moved away from them into ASICS (NovaBlast 2). Like you, not sure if it was a change in the shoe or my gait or my physiology, but for whatever reason I felt a difference when getting out of the Ghosts. Glad the…
  • Yep, we have set a pretty low bar 😉 I love it! 6 treadmill miles this evening. One of the better treadmill runs I have had. Just felt very comfortable. ETA: I just saw in my Google News feed the Pittsburgh Marathon was yesterday. I just thought of @PastorVincent . If he were with us he definitely would have been out there.…
  • @7lenny7 that trail run sounds amazing, up until the part where you were soaking wet, naked, and 50° !!! You are much braver and tougher than me!
  • I didn't see any takers, so here is the May thread:
  • May 2022
  • I'll push myself a little bit and commit to 120 miles this month.
  • @polskagirl01 way to go sticking up for your guests! @AlphaHowls you are such an amazing, accomplished, strong, etc.... person! 4 year running streak (and most of it at 13+ miles)!!!!!!!!!!! Totally bada$$! 13.1 miles this morning for me. This was the most relaxed, comfortable long run in a long time. Didn't feel like I…
  • @martaindale @7lenny7 yes, the Dallas Marathon is December 12. My 1st one was targeting sub 4 hour, but the wheels fell of at mile 20 and ended up with a 4:07. If I can get to the starting line without an injury I should be able to get sub 4. That being said... my shin pain has been flaring up for the last week so I have…
  • @7lenny7 your plan for the 50M race / road trip sounds fantastic! My brother lives in Peachtree City, GA which is only about 40 miles from Jackson. I hope it works out that you can meet some of the MFP folks IRL. @polskagirl01 great news about your guests getting their own place! That was A LOT of time and effort on your…
  • 6 miles this evening. Needed some PT, so a slow treadmill run was what the doctor ordered
  • Damn @7lenny7! That is a very impressive ice beard!!
  • 13.1 miles this morning. Another easy run that felt hard. Had to take a few walk breaks, starting after mile 3! But felt like I hadn't put in a long run in a while so thought it was about time.
  • Congrats on your AG placement and great race @kgirlhart! Great pictures 😊