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  • Same for me, I’m back in for April challenge, but have never gotten access to spreadsheet. Doesn’t matter. Ended up 15 lbs down this last one and I’m not going to say “only”. I’m still down 15 lbs and motivated to keep going. My mantra is “progress, not perfection”! Thanks all for this support network! Happy New Year!
  • Down 4 lbs since Thanksgiving. Only 14 for this challenge so far,but even knowing I won’t make 30 is ok, cause I will be 14+ lbs less than at the end of the summer. That is progress for me! SW 170 CW 156 Total lost 14 lbs (Still 3 weeks to go!)
  • Back after 2 weeks away and gained 2 lbs. Slacked off on tracking & planning and now paying the price. So annoyed w/ myself. Keep going down a bit & up a little. Only 10 lb total loss so far. And now it’s Thanksgiving week....☹️
  • Sorry, trying to respond to specific post, but the copy/paste thing keeps screwing up. Anyway, to Kakramme I just wanted to agree how helpful this site is and I, too, would be interested in continuing beyond the holiday. But for now & the next 6 weeks, I need to refocus my efforts...what works for me: planning, prep,…
  • Good morning! Oh wow you are doing so great! I think one of the reasons it's slow is because it's winter time. The body is designed to store more fat to keep us warm the colder it gets. It's not trying to let you take out the fat easily at this time. In summer it's hot so more sweating to cool down. But you are doing…
  • 2 lbs down, total of 12 since we started this. S-l-o-w progress, but still it’s progress. 7 weeks to go, am determined to keep moving forward. SW 170 CW 158 Total loss: 12
  • 1 lb down this week, 10 loss total. Not where I wanted to be at this point, but still down. SW 170 CW 160 TL 10 lbs
  • Gained 2 lbs this week and know exactly why. Have yet to figure out how to manage the minefields of a social weekend & keep to my plan. Louz163-I'm impressed by your consistency, never a week when your weight goes up. What's your secret?!
  • Well, no loss for me this past week, but no gain either. Thought I was being "good". So this week going to focus on portion size, that can get away from me real easily. Still, down 11 lbs since mid August, so moving ahead. Slow & steady.
  • I can commit to that! Saw results with staying on track last weekend, so want to keep this train moving! I'm in. Will check back on Monday!
  • Piqueaboo- Weekends are tough-less structure, more pitfalls. I can ruin a week of being on point if I let the weekend get away from me! Hang in there--another one is coming, we can do this!
  • I stuck to my plan the whole week, including the weekend--that's a big deal for me. And it paid off- down 4 lbs! That's 11 so far since mid-Aug. Now I take a deep breath & keep on planning, prepping & portioning. Good luck everyone.
  • After 3 weekends of social events, which I've not handled so well , this weekend is free & clear and I WILL stick to my plan!
  • Well-no loss this week, discouraging, but not unexpected with 4 days away w/friends. This is where I typically say screw it and give up. NOT THIS TIME! Back to planning, prep & portions....that's the combo I have most success with. Thanks for being here- I think it helps to know I need to check in at beginning of the week.…
  • shawnamomma74--4 on track days behind me, now heading into the weekend, my difficult time. And this is a girls weekend away w/ 5 friends! Fortunately they are mostly healthy eaters, 2 are vegan, so we tend to work around their needs. That might help...just the pre-planning is hard. We'll see what the scale says on Mon. !…
  • I gained 2 lbs. I have to not think of the week in terms of weekdays & weekends. I need to be consistent every. single. day.
  • smithy08js- Recognizing the "why" is so key! Good for you- that will move you towards success this week!
  • Wasn't perfect over weekend, but mid week efforts helped. Grateful for Monday to purge refrigerator of company food & get back to basics. Let's do this for month of September! 8/14 170 8/21. 167 8/28 165 9/4 161
  • Stayed on track Sun-Thurs, won't weigh till Mon. to post progress. Downfall will be 3 day weekend ahead AND hosting a party Say nite. Will need to imagine having to report back to you all on Monday! Fingers crossed for some loss
  • Would someone be willing to add me to the spreadsheet? 8/14. 170 8/21. 167 8/28. 165 Thanks very much. Can view spreadsheet, but not access to add to it.
  • Still can't add my name to spreadsheet from my iPhone, but am down 5 lbs since start. SW 170 8/21 167 8/28 165
  • Company over the weekend , so didn't log or do well sticking to a plan. Made myself get right back to planning/prepping /logging today. Will weigh in on Fri. to see result of +/- Sigh .....
  • Back on MFP as of mid July & have lost 4 lbs. Many more to go, so this is a great group to keep me on track through fall. Key for me seems to be having a food plan for the day & logging it in that morning. Then I feel committed to it! Whatever works, I guess.
  • Would love to participate.....first time joining a group.