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  • Regarding comments about masks not being effective, in the 1918 epidemic people wore masks made of gauze, but flu transmission was lower where masks wearing was adhered to. If people touch their face more wearing a mask, well, get used to using sanitising gel after each touch!
  • That vegetable is an oca,, oxalis tuberosa
  • I am 69 now, started MfP just before my 68th birthday. I am 5ft tall, hovered between 10 1/2 and 11 stone for years, although I always did a lot of exercise. After logging calories and exercise, I steadily lost 2-3 pounds per week and weighed 8 3/4 stones after 5 months. I was particular pleased to drop 2 bra cup sizes. I…
  • Thanks for all the responses. Regarding sugar in fruit, I always thought that sugar in fruit and vegetables was utilised in a different way from cane sugar/honey etc, in a similar way that unrefined carbs were utilised more effectively than refined carbs.
  • Others: “How have you lost weight?” Me: “by eating fewer calories than I burn off”. Others: “Oh that calorie counting is a load of rubbish” or “you don’t want to lose any more weight”. Me: “well I do, actually, I have another 7 lbs to lose”
  • I haven't got any pics, but am same height, age 68. Started at 11stone in February, now weigh 124 lbs. I am aiming to get to 8 1/2 stone
  • Regarding clothes, actually my too large dress s look fine on my slimmer body - with a belt! Haven't worn one for 20 years
  • I have found that the nutritional info of the food you enter isn't always correct. EG quinoa is supposed to have a lot of protein, but whenever I enter it, it comes up as zero protein. As an almost-vegan, I am finding it hard to consume enough protein per day. Nuts etc are very high in calories and give me indigestion if I…