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  • The last thing I bought was a Premium Membership to MFP, about an hour ago.... It's half price, had to try it ....
  • Relaxing a few more minutes on here then headed for bed. Gotta get up at 4:45 am to get ready for the gym...
  • I would have to say that my most recent NSV would have to be this - I started swimming for my cardio some time ago. I recently started back on MFP watching my calories and working out daily. I swim because I have nerve problems in my legs so swimming and most water activities are great .. Needed the back story -. A few…
  • 66 here and looking for some new motivated friends. I recently returned after a few back surgeries but I'm hitting it hard, gym, logging my food, open diary and encouraging my friends etc. 😄
  • Hi ! Welcome back.. I recently returned myself. Hope to see you around.
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  • Hi and welcome. I'm not from Arkansas but I encourage online, if that's something you need... I'm back after a couple of surgeries and I'm hitting it hard.. I'm looking for encouraging friends that I can encourage.. Hope to see you around..
  • Count me in, all of you ! I'm recently back and I started off running.. Hitting the gym, logging my food and have an open diary.. Encouraging friends, the active ones 😳.. I need encouraging, active friends that I can help as well !!!
  • I came back about 6 weeks ago.. I'm hitting the gym, logging all my food, have an open diary and commenting and encouraging on a few who comment on mine 🙂. I'm looking for some active friends as well !!
  • I'll second that !! I started in 2014 and lost almost all that I wanted to. I still stuck around and maintained even though I was about 15 lbs off from my goal. Anyway long story short, I've had 3 back surgeries in the past 2 years but about a month ago I started back up on mfp,, going to the gym and eating right.. It's…
  • Give and Get support !!!! Hi and welcome. Although I first joined many years ago and lost a considerable amount of weight. I got lazy and got away from mfp and that wasn't good 😳.. In addition, over the last 2 years I've had 3 back surgeries which kind of sidelined me for a bit as far as exercising... I'm back and doing…
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  • First of all before I forget springlering62 is right on and the comment was very inspirational.. My name is Joe. I recently retired so I have too much time on my hands that I'm not using properly.. I joined MFP some years back when recommended by a friend.. I caught on right away exercising and logging all my food.. A…
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  • Hi ! I'm Joe . Well because I've had 3 back surgeries in the past 2 years I've kind of been sidelined.. I'm back, logging my food and working out.. Been back about a month now and the friends I once had are obviously gone.. Looking for new friends so we can keep one another motivated..
  • The pandemic and 3 back surgeries had me side lined for a couple of years. Gained back most of what I lost but I'm back at it and looking for others who want to connect by posting exercises, food diaries etc. Anyway we can support one another would be great....
  • We Shall :-)
  • I'm in the process of rebuilding my friends list ! Feel free to add me !
  • Great Attitude !! You'll find lots of friends doing what you're doing and are here to help !! You got this girl :-)
  • Sounds like you have a plan and that's important to reach your goals.. Start with a few supportive and encouraging friends and add more as you go along ! Don't be scared, we're here to help one another !!
  • You got this !! Grab a few friends or more to help you along.. Support and some encouragement is important !! 2019 is Your Year :-) .
  • I'm from Providence ! But ya know this is online so even if I were in Australia we could still do this together.. By the way, I now live in California... Go Red Sox ,, Go Patriots !!!
  • Feel free to add me. Always looking for another encouraging and supportive friend.. You can do this :)
  • I did have, I've lost about 65 have about 35 to go... You do it like everyone else, 1 lb at a time... You got this.. Feel free to add me if you'd like !!
  • What they said ! Feel free to add me if you're looking for more supportive and encouraging friends ..
  • You got this girl.. Set yourself some goals and stick to your plan.. You Can Do It.. Feel free to add me for mutual support and encouragement !
  • Feel free to add me :)
  • Rhode Island but gave up that cold for sunny Southern California