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  • I was in your same boat! Not story but the whole depression and losing weight. I'm still getting out of it but I'm a lot better!! This app helped me so much. And the hard truth is, you gotta force yourself to eat. At the start of this journey which was under a year ago, the last thing I wanted to do was put food in my…
  • I know this is late but just wanted to add, you should switch your resistance training and cardio around (do cardio last). You should still warm up before but keep it to 5-10 minutes. Carbs right after a work out can help with the crash. They help with your insulin levels, restore your glycogen and glucose that just got…
  • Setting time/cal goals through out the day has helped me, e.g. 400/500 calories every 2/3 hrs. Also, not always relying on hunger. Sometimes you just gotta force yourself to eat. If you have to break from your food and come back, do it.
  • I meditate every day but I don't really use it to focus on my physical health - not saying someone else can't because I know there are mindfulness exercises directed towards working out and being in the moment. I sometimes do before I hit the gym so I can clear my brain and focus better, or even afterwards to chill out. If…
  • I'm still working on my goal, but I was the same way. Tracking my calories was a game changer. Definitely give it a shot. Consistency is key! You got this :)
  • Can you put a snack in your pocket somehow? Lol Maybe make a trailmix of granola and nuts in a bag and snack on it through out the work day. Granola bars. Maybe some pre-made drinks or smoothies you can carry around.
  • Almonds Extra Virgin Olive Oil (mix it with some other foods) Fish (Salmon) I think there's a thread on here somewhere with more foods. You can also google "healthy fat foods". I feel like most healthy fat foods are high in calories naturally.
  • If stress is why you don't have an appetite, you need to figure out how you can eliminate some of that first. Then slowly ease your way back into eating good again.
  • @ExistingFish carbs. Got it, thanks :) @CharlieBeansmomTracey I've also seen somewhere that it's good to get sugar in too on post, so maybe that's why? I dunno tho. I mean it explains why most pre-made protein shakes are sweet but I could be wrong (which is why I'm not a big fan). 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'll add some fruit so I get the…
  • Hi! I'm on a weight gain goal and down for some new female friends! Feel free to add me :)
  • I just read at the top that calorie fluctuations can cause fat gains. So let's say I didn't reach my calorie goal one day. Is it bad to make up for it the next day? Cuz I've tried doing it even tho it's hard. Is it better to let it go and start the next day fresh?
  • @jlawrie12345 I was where you were at 6 months ago and still going. It's definitely hard but possible! Things I've learned from here that I feel worked: 1. Start early!! Get a snack in or something right when you get up. 2. Don't wait till your stomach tells you to eat. Set times. 3. You can go the 5-6 smaller meals route…
  • I'm open to new friends! :) I struggle with staying consistent but I'm getting there. My goals are towards gaining weight and toning up. Happy to help keep each other motivated whatever your goals may be! Happy New Year!
  • I just don't think a calorie is a calorie. This is based off my own experience but there is research on it. Our bodies process different nutrients differently so while she may think she's consuming a certain amount of calories, she might be absorbing less due to digestion. She can easily up her calories even more but…
  • I don't like chocolate or cheese. Certain melted cheese is an exception.
  • I agree with you on the calorie surplus. I just feel like drinking 2600 calories of protein shakes is a little excessive with only 600 cals of solid food. I'm merely suggesting to try eating more solid foods and see what happens. Still reach your calories and macros. I might be wrong. Empty calories don't help me, but…
  • Honestly, if you have a fast metabolism and body type like me (who struggles to gain weight), you should try dropping a shake and replacing it with a well balanced meal and see what happens. I feel like you're probably having an excess amount of something in those shakes and your body is just throwing it away. Also, make…
  • I have the same problem and goals! Good luck with everything :).
  • I don't think you should feel pressured to take medication. I agree with you. If you don't want to take it, tell them! There's plenty of alternatives :)
  • I'll add you! I'm in the same boat.
  • Sure! Feel free to add me :)
  • You're awesome!! Thank you! :) that helps a lot.
  • Thanks! I'll have to check those out. No program. Just a routine I've devoloped on my own but still trying to find a better one for my arms. And of course some variety with bands! And definitely! I'll have to look into that more after I put on the extra pounds! Thank you.
  • Ya, I could probably incorporate it into my leg and arm days. I definitely wanna try it alone first tho so I can see how well it sores on its own, if that's makes sense. And go from there. Do you like using bands? Do you feel it works? I'll add you :)