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  • Tesla for all intents is a niche market. New vehicles use exponentially more chips than older vehicles to start with plus people are keeping their old vehicles longer so not very many old chips out there to reprogram (plus the older the vehicle the fewer chips if even the older ones can be reprogramed). Never mind that EVs…
  • True it doesn't extend to weight loss but is typical for other activities. Personal example. Our son is getting married. My wife who recently retired took several trips out of town (like a couple hundred miles round trip each) plus ordered 8 dresses on-line trying to find a mother of the groom dress. She said she didn't…
  • Realize that but still limited.
  • Used car prices are up the 40%, new cars around 15% based on average transaction price. Some of the new car increase due to price increases/sales above MSRP but also the mix has changed. Manufacturers are using the available chips in high priced, high margin vehicles rather than using the same chip in vehicles that don't…
  • Sounds like someone should be moving to China ASAP.
  • Get well soon. To be honest if I'm sick I really don't care about eating.
  • The 24% BF is probably in the ballpark. Over 4 weeks not really possibly to tell if losing muscle or fat. Your doing fine.
  • Elon didn't come up with crap. Just plagiarizing/paraphrasing Parkinson's Law: Parkinson's Law Parkinson's Law is the old adage that work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion. The term was first coined by Cyril Northcote Parkinson in a humorous essay he wrote for “The Economist” in 1955. More info:…
  • You get up and go to the gym (or outside, your basement or wherever) and workout. In my 60's and have been working out since high school, never had a workout partner. Nothing wrong with having one, but YOU need to decide YOU are going to do the work and not be dependent on another person. Best of luck.
  • True to build muscle you need a calories surplus. However, if you have significant bodyfat, the stored calories can provide the calories you need. Good luck.
  • Sciatica is a symptom of an issue. I would recommend looking at the Bob and Brad "The Most Famous Physical Therapists on the Internet" They are 2 physical therapists with close to 60 years experience between them. They have hours of educational material on sciatica. Good luck.
  • Last week the nearby Walmart Supercenter had 2 broken open cases of bottled water. That was it.
  • Of course they can. Did I say fat people can't have other thing impacting their health? Fact of the matter, sure other things can impact one's health, but in virtually all cases obesity will make other health issues/outcomes worse.
  • Sounds like something that if enough people post it on social media it gets to be true instead of looking at the science that obesity seriously impacts health.
  • No chicken breast, no ground beef, no bottled water, no lunchmeat, veggies in short supply, fruit juices, yogurt, Gatorade, paper products to name a few.
  • Maybe more more and build endurance so you don't notice "fatigue"?
  • Should they not admit long time smokers with smoking related illnesses either? How about someone who wrecks their car or motorcycle driving 125 MPH, etc. After all they made choices too. Slippery slope.
  • Could not have said it better myself.
  • The ER is for emergencies. By definition, you can't schedule an emergency. In your scenario you schedule time in an ER for something and 5 minutes before you get there 20 patients bleeding out from a school bus accident arrive with more on the way and 5 people involved in drive-by shooting show up. Then you are waiting…
  • Based on these data points Lizzo is morbidly obese. She may be "looking happy" but not something she should accept from a health standpoint or others should emulate.
  • Not being a smart *kitten* but unless they were living in a bubble how do they know they got Covid from the ER? Hate to say it, but that stuff is everywhere. Hope they have mild cases.
  • Sorry, given your situation you need to be talking to a registered dietitian that has your medical records in front of them, not people on the internet, no matter how well intentioned. Best of luck.
  • Spend $20 and get an oximeter to check breathing levels to objectively measure.
  • What would be the medial need? If can't identify that highly doubt insurance would pay.
  • My gut feel is virtually everyone that doesn't live in a bubble will get it.
  • [/quote] I agree -- that's why I wish there was some way to have at least some state options that mimicked what used to be. In looking at my own (private) alma mater, I see some changes that I think are part of the problem -- it is much more luxurious, and there is significant admin bloat. But that school (like many other…
  • To be honest I didn't fact check it but the antennae always go up when I see something coming from a liberal/conservative think tank.
  • Regarding minimum wage, there are few people that actually live on that amount. Not debating if it is right wrong or indifferent, but an independent individual working a full time minimum wage job qualifies for (depending on locality) SNAP, earned income credit, discounted utility payments, child credits, housing…
  • I question possible bias in this article based on source mentioned: Robin Gahan, director of programs at the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, pointed us to a December 2013 report by the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank that advocates boosting the wage