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  • Track: yes Calories: yes Exercise: nope Pass Days: 1/3 Apple Rings Closed: not even close The booster shot I had yesterday started causing major pain overnight in the arm and then the usual fatigue, headache today. This time around I had nausea which didn't happen in the prior shots/booster. In any case I did pretty much…
  • @SummerSkier thanks ... I added you to the 6th and 26th @Jana_2020 thanks to you as well ... I added you ot the 9th and 23rd (and will keep an eye on the 10th and 17th). The following dates are available: 7 13 14 17 20 21 24 27 28
  • Welcome back to all returning members and new members. Here is where we begin to celebrate last month's successes. WOOHOO and HIGH FIVES to those that made it into our Winner's Circle this month! HUGE CONGRATS to the following who persevered and finished strong in August (which I'll point out is much higher than July was):…
  • Track: yes Calories: yes Exercise: yes ... 39 min outdoor walk Pass Days: 3/3 so a Winner Apple Rings Closed: yes We got our Moderna bivalent boosters today (and flu shot). For the first time ever it wasn't immediately painful or swelling at the shot site although this evening I was feeling a little pain in my arms…
  • Crab salad: lump crab with mayo, capers & celery over little gem lettuce and cherry tomatoes on the side.
  • Kind of lazy with cooking this week. Burnt ends brisket (from Costco), tater tots (air fryed), sweet corn tot and salad of feta, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives and fresh basil spritzed with olive oil. The burnt ends were OK but we wouldn't buy them again. The Med salad doesn't really go with the picnic dinner but I…
  • Welcome to all new and returning people.
  • pass day #3 couldn't sleep at all last night (allergies worse than usual) so I was too tired to do much more than read all day and too lazy to log though my calories were probably fine
  • Thank you @donna25trinity I appreciate your willingness to fill in gaps as needed. <3
  • Black bean chili con carne from the freezer topped with a couple of fried eggs, guac and sour cream.
  • Last call for letting me know if you'll be a Winner or Champion. Here's the October UAC link: Here's the link to the Challenges post advertising us for September where you can add your own testimonial should you desire:…
  • Please let me know if you will be a Winner or Champion. It will be helpful to put it on a separate line so I can easily see it and add to my lists. Thanks! Here's the October UAC link: Here's the link to the Challenges post…
  • Track: yes Calories: yes Exercise: yes ... 44 min treadmill walk and 19 min outdoor walk Pass Days: 2/3 Apple Rings Closed: yes
  • @nanerkay ... we log privately via MFP or other tool. The daily sign in is just to report on results by answering these three questions: Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? If you take a look at the Sept group for recent…
  • @nanerkay for each days sign in we have some kind of introduction that is health/diet/weight related and this schedule allows people to choose something to introduce. This is optional but some people like to present the topic. In some cases we have set topics based on the day of the month. As far as the group itself ... it…
  • @CarolAnnM2 thanks ... I've added your dates
  • @MadisonMolly2017 I always set the treadmill to a 20min walk. This generally keeps my heart rate at just over 100. From what I read this is an ok range for someone of my age (63). My doctor said all of my numbers are good and that I'm quite fit (though I think she meant for my age even though she didn't say it). Sometimes…
  • @Caroline_slowandsteady I've added those two dates to the schedule @snowshoe072 thanks for confirming @TerriRichardson112 do you always write the same thing every month? If so, I can just start copying them from month to month. I'm trying to streamline this a little more and post some things up front when I create the new…
  • October group has been created: Discussion to invite others has been posted if you wish to add any comments:
  • The Importance of Tracking If you're part of this challenge, then you likely already knowing how important tracking is to meeting your desired goals. Tracking is the cornerstone of success in this group. It requires awareness and acknowledgement. Even though it's very specifically one of the three rules, it's also inherent…
  • Exercise – what’s it for? What does it do for you? The official title for today is “Cannot Achieve Goals with Exercise Alone” But that begs the question – What is your goal? Whatever your goal – weight loss/gain/maintenance, fat loss/muscle gain, increased fitness, dealing with medical issues, dealing with mental health…
  • What day is today? Non-Scale Victory Day!!! @enlightenme3 shared this fun graphic last month and I rather liked it so I'm using it for this month. Did anyone get BINGO? What was your NSV this past month?
  • What was your favorite NSV from yesterday? Is it something you've experienced in the past or is it something you'd like to have as a future goal?
  • Track: yes Calories: yes Exercise: yes ... 23 min treadmill walk and 32 min outdoor walk Pass Days: 2/3 Apple Rings Closed: yes
  • Track: yes Calories: yes Exercise: yes ... 61 min treadmill walk Pass Days: 2/3 Apple Rings Closed: yes I'm definitely savory and rarely eat dessert as most of them are too sweet. I don't actually like cake or most cookies. For some reason I like stroopwaffles but that's about it.
  • Cajun sausage, mashed potatoes w/sour cream and onions and super sweet corn tot. Sausage came from a local butcher.
  • Track: yes Calories: yes Exercise: yes ... 31 min treadmill walk Pass Days: 2/3 Apple Rings Closed: yes No changes to my routine though the weather is cooling off now (but not cold) so I hope to do more outdoor walks and less treadmill.
  • Chicken and rice soup. I took Friday's tortilla-less chicken soup and added some rice to it. Changed up the spices a bit and added the leftover cilantro. All the rice is on the bottom so you can't really see it.
  • I'm in the same boat @snowshoe072 I think not gaining for over a year is a plus but still I'd prefer to be down a little more. If I'm extremely strict and eat a little less than my allotted 1250 cals every day I will lose but it's become difficult as I then end up hungry some of the time so I end up focusing too much on…