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  • Got just a sandwich at Arby's on the way home from camping and it felt like a normal choice -- not stressful or depriving, just normal. I did steal a curly fry from my husband, though!
  • Went on vacation for a week and ate whatever I wanted (which included some vegetable heavy dishes I never would have tried before). Came home and got right back into my routine of healthy eating and activity!
  • I'm trying to stay under calories, do cardio 5 times and strength training 2 times for the next week. Then I'm getting on a plane and heading to Hawaii for a week, where I plan to be incredibly active but eat whatever food I want! Snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and yoga on the beach, here I come!
  • I didn't eat any of the treats off the communal treat cart last week. I'm on target for being able to say the same thing this week! Just 5 hours to go... (People bring in snacks and baked goods to share. I love my coworkers, but the treats can be very challenging to pass by all day long.)
  • I get a junior blizzard when I'm craving one. I can usually make it fit if I want it to (and I'm 5'2, so I get hardly any calories unless I exercise). My favorite is chocolate ice cream with Reese's peanut butter cups.
  • My run felt too short this morning.
  • Thank you for your input! I think I'll try daily weighing and just see how it feels. Any Android app recommendations? I don't see Happy Scale in the Play store, so I'm guessing it's iOS only?
  • I bought Girl Scout cookies, ate a single serving, then left the rest of the box on the snack cart for my coworkers to finish off so that I don't end up eating the whole box. Of course, I logged my serving too.
  • I've run 500 miles using the Zombies, Run app since starting to use it and I've ridden over 1000 miles commuting on my bike since September.
  • 5'2 here! I started at 172 in April 2019, got down to 124 and am currently at 129. I'd like to hit 120, or even 117, but I'm also not stressed about it. I count calories by weighing most of my food and keep an eye on saturated fat. MFP gives me 1250 calories a day, plus I eat back 70-100% of my exercise calories. I used to…
  • Squeaked into a healthy BMI and liked the way I looked in a full body photo. Also, I weigh less than my husband now.
  • How much money I would save by not going to Starbucks, since I'm not going to pay good money for a drip coffee I can make at home and I will only rarely allow myself to have a nonfat no whip mocha because of the unavoidable saturated fat from the mocha sauce. (Though it always makes me laugh when I do get one and MFP is…
  • Had a heart attack at age 41. My ldl cholesterol levels were a little high. My blood pressure has always run a little high. I was one pound into the obese BMI. But I have an active job and regularly ride my bike 5 miles to work. I am probably genetically predisposed to heart disease as my father had a heart attack in his…