What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • Ceriusly1
    Ceriusly1 Posts: 5,702 Member
    I hope it's ok to link to the blog I wrote this morning. I didn't even realize it was an NSV until a friend pointed it out. Thanks! If it's not ok to link, let me know and I will copy it here.https://myfitnesspal.com/blog/Ceriusly1/view?id=5-i-almost-lost-my-pants-yay-1007871
  • mtaratoot
    mtaratoot Posts: 13,140 Member

    To be clear, we play hard, and we play to win. We play every point hard to win the point even if we are far behind. If we are far ahead, we might slack off to make the game more fun, but winning is awesome.

    It's just that most people who play Ultimate are in it for the fun of the game. That's the most important.

    We also are pretty vigilant about playing by the rules. No dangerous play is the biggest one. In our league, we are encouraged to call ALL fouls and picks. My team's policy is that if someone calls a foul on you, you fouled them so don't contest the foul. In the past there have been some teams that don't quite get this aspect. Often it's a group of folks who have previously played football or basketball together.

    The rules of basketball suggest it's also non-contact, but if you've watched a basketball game, you'll know there's plenty of contact. Injuries happen. Ultimate is NO-CONTACT. Injuries still happen, but not too often thank goodness. "Going for the disc" is no excuse to foul someone. There's something we call a "hospital throw." That's when the disc is thrown high and it hangs before coming down allowing many players to run to that spot and vie for the disc. One came in the other day near me. I stepped back. I don't even try to catch hospital throws. There's a reason for their name. It's not a foul in that case, but there's often twisted ankles or knees or worse.
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