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  • Btw - I'm 73 & in good health except for a broken 5th lumbar vertebrae which I've contended with for 58 years. My goal is 195#.
  • I weigh every morning and watch my weight bounce a pound or two up and down. Around midweek I take the new reading to check in with. I've gone from 249.2 to 234.4 in the past 71 days - an average of 0.2085# per day (that last 85/10000 of a pound is important you know). If I go up in weight I push back down toward 1200…
  • Good afternoon Fay! I'm delighted to aee your original reply to my friend request (finally!)... I'm still groping in the dark here on MFP... and I NOW see you're from Essex! I think that is great! My father-in-law was from England as well - his parents were Irish extraction, Red was born in Wales and raised in London. His…
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  • Would love to add you but cannot figure out how to do so. I'm 51 days into my second go-round with MFP. 11.6# down and another 34-44 to go. I'm in Arkansas, and yes, I do say 'y'all' 😇 and poke fun at myself. I work with many Canadians from Vancouver to Nova Scotia and Great Slave and Whitehorse on past Hudson Bay. I've…
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  • I made it 52 years with my fiance, so far. Lookong for much more.