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  • July 1st Yes for all categories. Great job to everyone who made the winners circle for June!
  • Yes times 3! Have a great night everyone
  • Date: June 24 Exercised?: Yes 30 min walk Calories?: Yes Tracked?: Yes
  • Date: June 20 Exercised?: Yes..walked all day in San Antonio sightseeing Calories?: No Tracked?: Yes First day spending Father's Day with my dad in person in years! Blew it on the calories but it was well worth it. Happy Father's day to all the Dads out there!
  • Date: June 18 Exercised?: No Calories?: Yes! Tracked?: Yes!
  • June 16th Pass day..I think I've had more pass days then successful days but im sticking with it!
  • Date: June 15 Exercised?: Yes short walk Calories?: No, went over by about 100 only though Tracked?: Yes My NSV is sticking with tracking. I've never actually kept tracking before after having off days. I've always given up, and while its only been a few weeks..its a start! @Bill70sStrong its not easy giving up the diet…
  • June 14th Another pass day. Back from Dallas vacation from the weekend and I'm sure I hit my exercise goal with all the walking in the heat and humidity (that counts as extra right!) I know I blew it on my diet I tried my best to track it all but it was a lot of guessing. Thank you all for the great Vacation tips! I have…
  • June 13 Pass day!
  • June 12 Pass day Have a great weekend everyone!
  • June 11th Pass day for sure! Thanks for all the great tips everyone!
  • Date: June 10 Exercised?: Yes 30 min walk on my lunch break Calories?: No Tracked?: Yes I did ok today, over on calories again but not as bad as yesterday. This weekend will be challenging because we are doing a weekend getaway to Dallas. I'll get plenty of walking in. But ill struggle with the food aspect while out of…
  • @MadisonMolly2017 i love that advice on breaking the day up. Thats one of my big problems. I'll think the whole day is ruined, then the whole week and before I know it all of 2021 is ruined!
  • Date: 6/9 Exercised?: Yes 30 min walk Calories?: No...stress eating got the better of me today...but for the first time. I tracked it all! Tracked?: Yes
  • Date: 6/8 Exercised?: Yes, 30 min walk. Had surgery recently so im limited in my exercise for a bit. My walking pace is definitely 'leisurely'! Calories?: Yes Tracked?: Yes Im loving all these quotes! I especially liked @whatmerunning quote on marathons. Im not a marathoner myself but loved that quote! I dont have any…
  • Date: June 7 Exercised?: Yes, 20 minute walk. Calories?: Yes Tracked?: Yes Interesting topic. For me I think I need to get out of the 'all or nothing' attitude and not focus so much on perfection. Perfection isn't sustainable long term- well at least its not for me! But maybe if i have 100 days or 30 days of sticking with…
  • Hi everyone! I hope its not too late to join for June. Im new to MFP but a habitual yo yo dieter. I was hoping quarantine would be my time to focus on finally losing those last 10 pounds but instead I managed to gain 40 more! I definitely need the accountability! I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong spot...…