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  • I’m definitely trying to drink less. I’ve been alcohol free for weeks or months at a time and right now I drink once or twice a week. My issue is not stopping! I will drink the whole bottle of wine. I justify it with lower alcohol organic wine choices which definitely helps me as I don’t get a hangover that way — but I’d…
  • I’m happy to be friends here. I definitely need mutual support also. I’m finding this app very helpful - I need to lose 30 pounds to be at a healthy happy weight. Moving to the USA last year, plus before that lockdown and varying reasons/stresses saw me slowly steadily gain weight.
  • Frozen bananas whipped up adding fruit like strawberries or blueberries is delicious - creamy and sweet. I also make a yummy chocolate mousse using sugarfree chocolate and silken tofu. You’d never know it has tofu in it! Eyrithitol is my sweetner of choice - you can make cookies with that and almond flour, an egg, oats,…
  • Watching a baking competition show! I’m passionate about cooking/food ( partly why I’m here no doubt ) but mainly focus on healthier options over what I’m watching - I enjoy it all vicariously however
  • I’m recent here, really trying to lose the weight I’ve put on since moving to the U.S and the covid weight before then!! Tips? I’d love to hear some too.