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  • Sure did. Still had energy at the end but my shoulders are sore!!
  • Thanks all. Mine is hereditary unfortunately. I am 164cm. 48kg (small build) and swim about 15-20km each week. Have never smoked and rarely drink alcohol. I am on an ACE inhibitor - doc says there is no other lifestyle improvements I can make as am already doing them lol. My parents have been dead for many years - high…
  • Hi from Hawke's Bay :)
  • Hi everyone. Haven't posted in ages, but have still been swimming. We have been very fortunate here in New Zealand where the pools were only closed for 2 months between March and May. Although all the masters events have been cancelled for the year, I have carried on swimming 4 or 5 times a week. This Saturday I will be…
  • Haha know the feeling. I started back on Thursday and have clocked up 35,400m so far.
  • Who is back in the pool?? Ours opened last Thursday so I am trying to go daily this week to get back into it!
  • 3000m with my swim buddy this morning. Although I'm not sure I still consider her a friend after bringing this session!! 3x150 as Back/br/free by 50 Fly/free/br by 50 Back/fly/free by 50 8x50 on 1.00 as Odds breathe every 5th stroke Evens 10m underwater on start and turn 10x150 free on 2.40 as Odds 75 @90% 75 steady Evens…
  • 3200m with my swim buddy this morning. Main set was 40x50 free as 16 on 1.10 every 4th max 12 on 1.30 every 3rd max 8 on 1.45 every 2nd max 4 on 2.00 all max Max 50s all 34-35s, all others around 40s.
  • Wow that is incredible and a great pace too!!!
  • 3200m with my swim buddy this morning. 500 warmup 500 free kick fins 500 pull breathe 3/5 by 50 10x50 kick IMO 5x100 as drill/swim by 100 500 free with alternating between 60s vertical kick and 30s sculling V-up after each 50 200 loosen
  • Just a steady 3700m today as recovery from yesterday's big swim. 500 warmup 500 free kick fins 500 pull paddles 400 back kick fins 2x200 free pull paddles on 3.20 300 mixed kick fins 3x100 free pull paddles on 1.40 200 mixed kick no fins 4x50 back pull paddles on 1.00 4x25 free kick max on 45 4x25 br pull paddles 200…
  • The session below is not recommended if you: A) Are drastically low in iron stores. B) Are seriously lacking in B12. C) Are swimming in a 30.5°C pool. D) Have woken up with a virus. Dumbarse me did it with all of the above! 5200m solo swim. 800 warmup 600 free kick fins 6x100 pull paddles on 1.40 500 back kick fins 5x100…
  • 3700m solo swim. I thought that doing a predominantly kick session would be the easy option.....I was wrong! 400 warmup 10x50 kick as 5 free 5 br on 1.10 6x50 back pull paddles on 1.00 6x50 back kick fins on 1.00 12x100 kick fins on 2.00 as 2 fly on back 2 back 2 free (twice thru) 5x100 free pull paddles on 1.40 200 kick…
  • A heinous 3400m with my swim buddy this morning! 200 free 200 kick 200 pull 200 free 2x200IM on 3.40 2x100 back on 2.00 4x50 back on 1.00 2 minutes rest 2x200IM on 3.40 2x100 br on 2.20 4x50 br on 1.10 2 minutes rest 2x200IM on 3.40 2x100 free on 1.45 4x50 free on 55 last one max 200 loosen
  • 3600m solo swim. 500 free 500 free kick fins 500 pull paddles 500 mixed kick fins 200 as 100 free 100 back 400 pull paddles 300 mixed kick fins 100 free kick 200 pull no paddles 100 kick 300 warmdown
  • 3000m with my much fitter cousin! 400 warmup 10x100 free on 1.45 holding 1.23 or below 1000 nonstop as third 25 of each 100 alt back or br 200 as 100 back 100 free 4x50 free kick no board arms by side 200 as 100 back 100 br
  • 4200m solo swim 1000 free 500 free kick fins 500 pull paddles 400 back kick fins 400 as 100 back 100 free x2 300 mixed kick 300 pull paddles 200 mixed kick 200 as 100IM 100 free 4x25 free kick max on 45 4x25 free swim max on 40 200 warmdown
  • Yay. Missed you!
  • 4000m solo swim this morning. Still knackered from the 5x200IMs yesterday!! 600 free 500 free kick fins 500 pull paddles 400 back kick fins 4x100 free on 1.40 holding <1.23 300 free kick fins 4x75 on 1.30 as 25IMO 50 free 200 mixed kick no fins 200 pull 4x25 free kick max on 45 no fins 100 back 100 easy kick 300 loosen
  • Haven't checked in here for a while, my swimming has been extremely erratic since March. Trying to get back into a routine now! 3200m this morning with my swim buddy. 200 free 200 pull 200 kick 200 free 200 pull 200 kick 5x200IM on 4.00 (3.11/3.15/3.15/3.19/3.06) 400 free kick fins 400 free pull paddles 200 warmdown
  • 3100m this afternoon with my swim buddy. Although I'm not sure she is still my friend after bringing this session for us to do!!! 150 warmup 200 swim with paddles 300 pull with paddles 400 as 50 free/50 back aim for 6.00 or below 500 kick as 8x50 IMO then 100IM 500 swim with paddles breathe 3/5 by 50 400 pull with paddles…
  • 3400m with my swim buddy this morning. 750 warm up 5x200 pull paddles on 3.15 500 free kick fins 10x50 kick no fins alt free and back by 50 4x100 drills 250 warmdown
  • Swim on the left in a clockwise direction here in New Zealand 😊
  • 3500m with my swim buddy at lunchtime. 300 warmup 3x100 pull 3x100 kick Main set Three rounds at 1.20 pace 6×25 swim @ :30 (target: 20) 4×50 swim @ :60 (target: 40) 2×75 swim @ 1:40 (target: 1:00) 1×100 swim @ 2:10 (target: 1:20) 200 easy @ 4:00 200 warmdown
  • Terrible start to July. Super busy with work and out of town for two days. My planned swim last night was scuttled by an episode of my heart arrhythmia so today was my first swim this month. 3200m 6x 100 as free/back/br/free on 1.45 15x 100 on 1.45 as alt swim/pull/kick fins 700 mixed kick fins 400 swim
  • 4000m solo swim today and 3400m Friday night. Getting really cold here now (winter in New Zealand) so really need to stay motivated!!
  • 4600m solo swim today. Nothing very interesting! 1000 free 500 free kick fins 500 back kick fins 500 as 100f 100bk 100f 100bk 100f 500 pull paddles 600 mixed kick fins 300 as 100f 100bk 100f 4x 100 free on 1.40 descending 300 warmdown The 4x 100 officially proved my body has forgotten how to swim fast!!!
  • 5300m yesterday and 4100m today. Both solo swims. Am becoming a binge swimmer - nothing all week then try to make up for it on the weekend. My shoulder is protesting so definitely need to try to work out a better work-life balance!
  • 4000m solo swim today. 800 free 400 free kick fins 400 back kick fins 800 free pull 600 kick as 50 back 50 fly on back 50 free on side 400 pull 200 br kick 200 drills 200 warmdown
  • I do intermittent fasting so always train fasted even if I don't swim until mid afternoon. The only time I will eat before swimming is for a big competition and that usually oats with protein powder a couple of hours earlier, then a few jellybeans during the meet.