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  • B) 👽🌵☀️🧘‍♂️❤️🔆 Just playing! RvRita
  • Memorial Day weekend + campground + beach + construction = uh oh!!😳👽🛸🍾 4 days in a row with meditation, extra walking, and yoga each day. On a roll! RvRita
  • My DS called yesterday all excited because his 13 yo DS called him asking advice about girls. Lol I was happy for both of them. It really helped my DS’s attitude ( couldn’t figure out how to spell morale correctly. Nothing looked right!🤪 ) RvRita
  • Funny story.. the wild wind we had yesterday was strong enough to move 2 double sized port-a-potty around. A burly Mexican was trying to muscle one of them back in place. He gets it there, then what do you know? The door opens and a “large” man steps out! lol 😂🙄🤪 DH and I about rolled in the ground at that! Should have…
  • Previous Why would someone be uncomfortable about underarm hair??? As for deodorant, the recommendation is: "You should also avoid using deodorant, talcum powder or creams before your breast screen appointment, as these can show up on your x-ray."…
  • I downloaded a Meditation app and a yoga for weight loss app for free and started both yesterday. Felt so much better after doing them both. I must continue! After logging all my food for 2 weeks consistently, I find that as I thought, the hard seltzer that adds up way too much. So goal is to avoid them but allow 2 weekend…
  • Decided to stop the sinus med I was prescribed. Makes me sleepy, headache-y, grumpy and foggy headed all day. Not for me! I wanted to comment on other things but can barely see the screen right now. RvRita
  • New sinus meds are making me way too sleepy and headache-y. Not helping the stuffiness either. Not going to keep using this! Why is it so hard to schedule an ordered procedure? Different docs I go to have ordered different tests and I always have to chase down the scheduling departments to get it done. According to my…
  • Dental work I’ve been told I need 4 crowns for the last 10 years. Refuse to get them. I have a partial upper plate that started with 4 teeth when I was 18 and now have 6. I’m perfectly comfortable with this and feel that if my teeth or tooth gets bad enough, I’ll just have it pulled for $500 which I Surabaya all of and…
  • Didn’t sleep well last night. Not sure why. Brain is in stall mode today. RvRita
  • Pictures from the visit. My brother Richard and his wife. And my DH and me. We had a good time just catching up. It was a great couple of days. RvRita
  • Trying to catch up after my family’s visit. It was great. I’ll post pics later. Up to pg 40. RvRita
  • I would be in a Buddhist monastery in Korea. I am also reading the Bible on my phone, so that whole area. And my indulgence is a Stephen King audiobook book called The Outsider that takes place in Texas and Ohio. When I feel bored I go for a walk or read. If I knew I was gonna die I would do like Kylie said travel cross…
  • Working pay booth again and really busy today! Hot too! Sauna weight loss! Lol 🤞🤞🤞 RvRita
  • On giving blood the last time I gave blood, I passed out then had bowel problems. Two times I gave I came close to passing out but didn’t. One time I was denied because my blood count was non-existent according to their test. So I have had to stop. It was something I really wanted to do, but apparently cannot. RvRita
  • My brother is coming to visit this weekend from Arizona! I haven’t seen him since we drove out west together in 2017. Too long! He is bringing his camper and we have a spot saved for him. I’m excited! RvRita
  • Hi and welcome to new ladies! I am called RvRita because 5 years ago my DH and I sold everything and moved to an RV….. and I’m loving it! We traveled the US the first year and now have been in Roswell NM volunteers at a state park. I lost 60 pounds doing low carb high fat (keto) but then CoVid and much family issues helped…
  • Doctor tomorrow for bloodwork review from a week ago (not allergy nightmare). I suspect bad review as I’ve not been eating right and putting weight on. DH goes at same time, only way I can get him to go. I know his checkup will reflect excessive beer and smoking. Someday someone or something will get through to him. So I’m…
  • Well spent an hour getting allergy tested to find I’m only allergic to cats? No cats here…. Doc agrees there is something wrong and sent me for an allergy blood test. Spent 2 more hours at hospital 2.5 of that waiting for registration!🙄🙄 Then lab nurse only put a bandaid on the needle hole, so by the time I got back to the…
  • Tracey I would have made a joke of it and thanked DH for the thoughtful gift! Then thank him for still being your boyfriend. Would have thrown him for a loop I think! Lol RvRita
  • Pg. 21. I’m heading to ENT for allergy testing….AGAIN! RvRita
  • Was awakened by a student I had when subbing this morning. He is a third grader and brought me a single white rose in a water bottle for Mother’s Day. Melted my heart.💕 Heard from everyone this morning and now to the pay booth. It made it to 103 degrees yesterday, but I was home in air conditioning by then. Another…
  • My little garden: first parsley, oregano, and a plant a camper left here that lasted the winter and came back strong! Next, spinach (guarded by alien!), garlic, peppers, lettuce, dead tomato and squash, and 2 more tomato plants full of tomatoes (none ripe). RvRita
  • Picked spinach this morning first time I grow it and and happy with it. I found out I could have been picking it sooner! Know I know how it grows here, more plants next year! Put on too much weight, had to buy some new shorts and tops for the summer. Happy to go shopping but sad about the bigger size. I’ve got all summer…
  • You are welcome Tracey! Awesome pics! Looks like Michaela had fun! RvRita !
  • Thanks Heather! It sounds wonderful! I’ll check out the link! RvRita
  • I posted the picture directions on pg 9 in a spoiler. Heather what is Kedgeree? RvRita
  • Alternate method to access this community. What I tested that didn’t work for me before, works this way. RvRita