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  • I have been co-leader and am now leader April 1 for the first time and am really nervous. I have no idea how it works behind the scenes but our former leader is now co-leader and promises to be there for me. Otherwise, I am excited because we have a friendly group and I am also hoping it will help me be a better success in…
  • We can begin weighing in 5:45 and must be weighed in by 6:25 or wait till the end of the meeting and not qualify that meeting. The meeting starts at 6:30. If someone is right there before 6:30, they may get weighed in but it makes the weight recorder and assistant fall behind some and the the meeting may start a few…
  • :glasses: The weight was coming off for a few weeks, slowly, but feeling good. Then started ibuprofen regimen and it's coming back fast! hmmmm, pain, or weight, depression. Hate medications. Am also doing Leslie Sanson's walking videos, about 20 miles a week. Feels good though.
  • I like the idea of making small att:tongue: ainable goals instead of looking at the whole thing at once. too overwhelming.
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  • I lost 2.5 pounds this week. We have some competition going on which I think helps too.
  • Wow! That's wonderful! Emlee!
  • We have name tags with ribbons. We put 10 inches of red ribbon to start and cut off at rate of pound to an inch or fractions of such. If we gain, we add a blue piece at same rate. If we are not at goal at 10 pounds, we add another 10 pounds. I love this idea because it breaks it down into small goals which makes it much…
  • As assistant leader, I share a chapter from the book each month, highlights that is. It still seems a bit hard to do the exchange program but it has lots of great ideas in the book. I use the companion work book as well. my fitnesspal is a great way to track it all. Really helps. With the layout, I can also see what i need…
  • I think it is really important to take time to encourage each other and give time for a little discussion on how week went. I share some of Dr. Oz's reports, though I don't promote the supplements and such usually, ideas are often sound. Can be fun. :flowerforyou:
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  • can't figure out how to add the weight lost thingy. :grumble:
  • going up and down, emotional eating going on, only lost 1/2 pound this week.
  • Wonderful ideas. It's always fun to win no matter what it is. I especially like the ribbons one of our members chochets each month the the best loser of the month. I have collected 6 over the 3 years I have been there. With "my fitness pal" and my doctor's help, I am finally having success and eating like my family. It…
  • wow! So cool! Keep it up sweetie.
  • I am on my feet most of the day for my job. I have a classroom full of one year old toddlers. It is a high pace demanding job and I love it. I track 5-8 miles a day there. I also enjoy doing exercise dvd's, especially pilates and dance videos.