• Yes, eat breakfast. Even if just a small glass of juice and half english muffin or fruit. the word is breakfast which means to break the fast from your sleep. very important in getting your body/metabolism going for the day. This is the greatest way I know how to explain it.... think of your metabolism as a fire and that…
  • God did not want us "messing" with our meat like we do today. He made it pure and wholesome as it was. Our industry is the one who messed it up with growth hormones and unnaturally feeding it.
  • our teeth have little to do with meat eating in these times. Meat in our ancestors days was pure, natural and not laden with growth hormones or fed only corn. A lot has changed in our food industry since our teeth were created.
  • I encourage you to watch a few documentaries. One is called Fat, Sick and nearly dead and the other is called Forks over knives. These will give you great insight into the big myth surrounding protein and that if you don't eat meat, you are lacking protein. There is another one out there but I forget the name of it. these…
  • I have The Omega juicer....I love it. Pineapple juice is out of this world! have you seen the documentaries Fat, Sick and nearly dead, and Forks over knifes? Good stuff in those documentaries about our food....also Food Inc.
  • I'm curious as to why you are sticking to 1200/day? It depends on your current weight for the amount of calories you should maintain. Weight watchers has a calculation that will allow you ample calories at your current weight and slowly decrease the calories as you lost the weight. If you're sticking with 1200 and have…
  • Hi Maria...your post made me laugh because I have the same me! Good luck to you.