Husband and I are thinking of buying a juicer and juicing. Any thoughts?


  • i bought a cheap walmart juicer and used it so much I got the Brevelle...I love juicing...I do not feed my family any of the store juices and I add fresh juice to every green smoothie I do....You cannot possibly consume the amount of fruits and veggies your body should have in a day...I also go to the local flea market for my druits and veggies I juice..way cheaper..
  • I have one and it's amazing!!! I actually have this one and it's amazing and cheap!!! http://www.amazon.com/Waring-JEX328-Health-Juice-Extractor/dp/B000050FB5/ref=sr_1_10?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1325605830&sr=1-10

    I try to be careful though, because it can be too much sugar at once and I get a headache. My favorite combo is celery, cucumber and green apple or celery cucumber and carrots. Both are cheap to keep in the house!!!
  • I do most of my greens in my smoothies but my favorite juice so far is carrots orange and pineapple
  • I have The Omega juicer....I love it. Pineapple juice is out of this world! have you seen the documentaries Fat, Sick and nearly dead, and Forks over knifes? Good stuff in those documentaries about our food....also Food Inc.
  • I'm interested to see replies.
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    i actually attempted to start a 3 day juice fast yesterday. alas, i only made it to 6pm before i caved. i have since revised my original plan and will now only replace 2 meals a day with juice for the remainder of the week. After that, i plan to replace 1 meal per day indefinitely. i am by no means a veggie eater and this way, i get my fruits AND veggies. i have tried 4 juices so far and my favorite was the pineapple, apple, cucumber. i swear the cucumber tasted like banana!!! i highly recommend juicing. i feel better (as full as if i had eaten my normal bowl of cereal) and its so healthy. i got a juicer for christmas and it is a bella. affordable and so far i have no complaints about the way it works... good luck to you and your hubby!
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    how do all of you make your calories with juice??? every day i drink orange juice i can never make my calories
  • I haven't juiced since starting this diet. Mainly because I don't know how to count these calories! I'd love a little info too!! I have to go to the fruit market today and I could start back up!!
  • because I don't eat anything but fruits and veggies right now I am not worrying about calories but juicing is a lot of calories, I have not been under 1200 yet with juicing
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    I was interested in juicing at one point, but after doing a little research I became concerned about the lack of fiber. I have always had issues with getting enough fiber, so this turned out not to be an option for me. Also once the fiber has been stripped from the vegetable or fruit you would have to concern yourself with the spike in sugar. As we all know sugar has its own set of problems. Whole smoothies have worked best for me even though it took me a while to get used to them.
  • Wow! Thank you all so much for your feedback! Super helpful!
  • Just watched them last night..very eye-opening! Thank you!
  • Thanks!!
  • Thank you all for your responses! Super helpful!!!