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  • @claireychn074 Most likely. I've had the ringing in the ears and I think I'm prone to it cuz of my part german heritage. And dental issues. It was just so sparse before. @LiveOnceBeHappy LOL no. Unless alavert counts. :) @girlwithcurls2 I have an appt on 5/31 with an internal medicine guy. I'm not sure if I need a referral…
  • Thanks :) I did a quick google search and I don't have most of the symptoms. Just the sound. Somebody needs to come smell my ear! :)
  • Do you think a little bit of chocolate drizzle would be overkill? :)
  • Subway has this apparently limited edition sweet onion steak teriyaki sandwich but...what's stopping people from just asking for the sweet onion teriyaki sauce on a steak sandwich?
  • What a day so far. I didn't get all the exercise I normally get in the mornings before work and then my boss came in like an hour earlier than normal (I sorta pace the office while working when he's not around) and then our client brought us these huuuuuuuge burritos which, thank god, were too spicy for me so I only picked…
  • Me: (after I unresistingly snagged a bag before checking out at Trader Joe's) I hate you guys. Me: (after taking my bag of groceries to the car and trying some before going back up to the office) 780 calories for the whole bag.
  • So my little N=1 when I hit a year long plateau (gained and lost the same pound and yes, I KNOW, I was in maintenance but still was shooting for weight loss), make sure you're not over estimating exercise calories and underestimating the logging of food. The end. :)
  • I think people who say they bought groceries should list what they bought. :p
  • The last of the stores I frequent finally took down their masks required signs and it's REALLY weird to see all that uncovered window.
  • Here are a couple suggestions to get you started. Have you recalculated your calorie goal after losing that weight? Unfortunately, less poundage on you means less calories (or more work to earn more calories) in you. :) Are you weighing your food? I know my idea of a cup or ounce of something is never the same as the…
  • This is so funny because I'm the type that says she doesn't like things without even trying them. Beets....ended up not liking them Brussel sprouts...surprisingly liked them but I only really had them from the whole foods hot bar I WANT to like strawberries more than I do. I shouldn't have them because of the seeds but, at…
  • Weight loss isn't linear. faithdwind, I want you to say these words out loud. No really. And keep saying them. Because what's "supposed" to happen and what "tends" to happen during weight loss don't usually agree. (Because it can't be said enough.)
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  • Did you know you can't edit a post if there's only 1 minute left and you're already in it? Anyway, nevermind. I reread the first post.:)
  • Then who prescribed your meds?
  • I kinda wanna move in to that place. :)
  • SINCE THEN (!!!!!!!!) they've come out with dark chocolate covered almond filled pretzels and the chocolate part (even dark) gave me incentive to find a way around my problem And welcome back. :)
  • I am actually anti-irked right now! The microblading place downstairs, which usually plays awful, boring music that only we can hear in our office (it's so inside...go outside and nothing), is having a glassyo1 likes the people we're playing today day. :)
  • It was a reference to another thread in the fitness section that the op started. (It was actually kind of funny. :))
  • How much of a passive aggressive *kitten* I can be. :)
  • I don't have an answer. I just can't believe I did a google search for " vibrating massage gun for cellulite". And they exist. :)
  • Before I got out of the habit of nuking liquid eggs/egg whites every night for dinner, I would use cooking spray to coat the bowl. I also spray I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (don't judge) and sprinkle a cinnamon/splenda concoction on a couple pieces of bread (and I'm really not shy about how much) every day and don't log…
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  • A lot today. Two work. One not so work :) 1. My boss went out of town which gives me some time to clean up my not very organized area. You'd think! Too many crisis' I have to deal with. 2. Bought the firm (well, the boss bought the firm) a network copier/printer that gets overused as a printer when there's also a perfectly…
  • The new Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa, was announced and, as usual, I've never seen him in anything. People were really excited to see it was this guy on one of the threads I was reading and mentioned Sex Education so...... Two episodes in. I love the show. I love the humor. I love him on it. And I love that it didn't take long for…
  • I'm like "hmmmmmmm portion controlled cupcakes/cookies" but then I'm like "hmmmmmm all that frosting shoveled in my mouth followed by a diabetic coma" :) Happy birthday to your son and happy mother's day to you and yours. :)
  • Even more rude because there are no samples in my mail. Those all look awesome and delicious. And pretty! 😁
  • That's just rude.
  • This thread title never fails to make me laugh. :)