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  • That would require cooking, right? :) I figured....broth. Like chicken broth from the carton. The liquid diets were more for oral surgery type days but I'm putting the next one off because I can only deal with one ailment at a time.
  • A little off topic but, speaking of bone broth, anyone know how to make it actually taste good with minimal extra calories and non spicy? I bought some because of high protein and needing to be on liquid diets every once in a while but, holy crap, it's barely palatable!
  • You used the "L" word. Men LOVE the "L" word. They think they'll be invited to join or something. :)
  • When I had the hiccups, to get rid of them I would down a spoonful of sugar and chug some water backwards out of a glass and it worked!
  • The source only matters IF you need the fiber or electrolytes or whatever other nutrients you're missing or want. The real point is the op was worried about eating fruit (with nutrients) because of the sugar but, since sugar is sugar is sugar, he didn't need to worry about that (the sugar) part. Now I just really want a…
  • I think the point is don't not eat fruit because of the sugar and don't not drink a sports drink because it doesn't have fiber. 😀 And where's the op? Ate too much fruit?
  • Ok, first of all, I eat a banana every day. Stay the *kitten* away from my bananas. 😁 And did you miss the part where I said fruit has nutrients? Where did you get I think it's bad?? Bur, yes, calories are king for weight loss/gain/management.
  • What the avocados look like boobies to you? Are you physically attracted to the avocados? Did I just make this too weird? :)
  • Only because the sugar in fruit comes with other nurients. Other than that, your body doesn't discriminate.
  • You give me such good material to work with :) One day I was standing in line at Quiznos behind two girls from the high school across the street. One of the girls was on the phone saying something about her boy friend being drunk and kissing another girl and she forgave him (or some *kitten*) and her friend and I just…
  • That ripped on accident or ripped on purpose that people pay probably way too much money?
  • Is there really a difference between the What's On Your Mind and Random Thought for the Day thread? A coworker threw out the outer packaging for Rice Krispies. Me; That's not very filling. AND....I've added some bran buds to my greek yogurt/cottage/cheese/protein powder concoction and it occurred to me that, in all the…
  • This is completely heartbreaking. And a tiny bit relative because I had less than 24 hours notice they were doing the semi annual apartment inspections today and tomorrow so I had major cleaning to do. Plus what comes with waiting to see if I passed the stupid inspection. Also, you're me. Just ramped up to 11. I REALLY…
  • Wow, I just realized what istg references. Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, I told a client I wasn't going to do something for him 3 different ways and he needed to pick one: pick up/docusign/pdf the old fashioned way. (Because all 3 ways is just stupid and annoying.) He chose pick up. I get a call just now asking when I was going to…
  • I don't think so but I've kept it unlocked. BUT...yesterday I made a pit stop at Trader Joe's on my evening walk and had to go to the bathroom. Normally, I just stop off across the street at the Circle K for evening diet coke but was craving egg salad for some reason so decided to see if TJ's had their egg white salad.…
  • @Hiawassee88 I came in to leave a quick thank you for finally answering my question but now this with you being all serious and stuff. :) I'm leaving work but will come back to unpack this later tonight.
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  • What about rice protein powder? I tried it when I was supposed to limit dairy. That didn't last long and I didn't like the rice protein powder but you might! :)
  • LOL yeah it's probably more the energy it takes with my feet going every which way except straight. Abdominal pain is gone....after buying a pretty darned big bottle of the Walmart version of miralax. But now I have tinnitus! *sigh*
  • I don't do the friends thing but the people here are pretty supportive and knowledgeable. I feel the need to say, tho, that if you're already assuming people are going to be judgemental, that maybe you're afraid you're going to be called out on doing things that will end up harming you in the long run. So keep that in mind…
  • They're these...but watermelon flavored in a pretty purple bag. :) This is the only pic I could find that shows the size. It says chewy but it's more between chewy and soft. I don't usually like ruining chocolate with fruit but fresh watermelon? I would so try!
  • Not just today. :) When taking my evening walks, I could make it to a certain point in 1:20. Now it's taking me 10 minutes longer. I don't know if the lights are longer, my feet got worse (I have pttd in one foot and it has a mind of its own), they lengthened the streets, the hills got higher, the couple months I had to…
  • That for someone who isn't much of a fan of dark chocolate, I sure have a supply of it from Trader Joe's. Dark chocolate caramel wedges Dark chocolate covered watermelon sticks Bamba puffed peanut & corn snacks dipped in dark chocolate
  • I figured that last 10% was alcohol. :)
  • Hey! I could be gay, ya know! :) LOL I'm such a bad liar I can't even do it online.
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  • One song? I walk to the beat of music for exercise so I couldn't even pick one band or singer :) From the people who never get deleted from my music player...various songs from: One Direction Harry Styles Niall Horan McFly Bowling for Soup The Beatles Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran 5 Seconds of Summer Songs from the tv shows My…
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  • I used to hang out in internet chat rooms a lot and knew many couples who got together. Not exactly online dating type websites but you're still talking to people. (Except for the height and age thing) people can still lie to you if you're face to face. It's not just an online thing. It never worked out for me with the…
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  • It's nice to know that dietician doesn't need the income. I don't see how she gets any at all with that attitude but whatever :) Although, maybe was going for the weight automatically coming off if you eat healthy. Which isn't quite how it works if you like to eat. Ok, I'm gonna say it. People around here are big on going…
  • You can't really trust scales that measure body fat so count me as another who thinks it's a perception thing. Or maybe post a pic so people have a visual to refer to?