• Still around? I'm in Barcelona. I'd like a friend for motivation and support!
  • Yes. I feel disgusting right now, actually. I went and saw a movie by myself tonight. Ate a whole bag of popcorn-- by myself. But, that wasn't enough. After the movies, I had to eat more, and stopped somewhere for a serving of cheese croquettes, swimming in oil. I start off healthy every day. My average breakfast may…
  • Well, I stopped fitting in my favorite jeans nearly two years ago- I want to put those jeans back on!! And this one is kinda humorously embarrassing, but here goes: I am an American living in Barcelona. This summer, I want to be able to take my top off at least once at the beach! Last summer, I couldn't do it-- not because…
  • Barcelona, Spain... where they are obsessed with ham, cheese and wine!! haha
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