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What's your non-scale goal?



  • Trechechus
    Trechechus Posts: 2,819 Member
    1. Bikini
    2. Short shorts
    3. Seeing my abs
    4. Being secksy.
  • jenniet04
    jenniet04 Posts: 1,054 Member
    I have several ones. For instance, I would like to see my abs once in my life. I am an apple shape and I've never been so lean in my life that I could actually see (even roughly) the shape of my abs. I would love that.

    ^^This exactly. Even when I was 130 in high school, I still couldn't see my abs.
  • DavidOS97
    I want to be able to have abs so I can walk around with no top on on the beach and at the pool with confidence :)
  • LaMujerMasBonitaDelMundo
    I want to be able to have abs so I can walk around with no top on on the beach and at the pool with confidence :)

    Me too except that I can't possibly go public topless :tongue: but would love to go to the gym wearing a sports bra & jogging pants. Although I see my abs when standing but its a different story when I'm seated or doing a crunch
  • DeMarraDontStop
    DeMarraDontStop Posts: 342 Member
    A size 12...
  • FireMama_24
    FireMama_24 Posts: 169 Member
    To look AMAZING for my wedding!!
  • CruzZ8
    CruzZ8 Posts: 71
    I want to be able to wear anything non-pants without having to worry or plan ahead for chaffing.
  • LilacDreamer
    LilacDreamer Posts: 1,365 Member
    I want to feel my abs. I'm told hey exist, but i've never seen them.

    I also want to have a baby, and before I pile on the baby weight (ughhhh) I want to be a healthier, happier me.
    and I want to be around for my future children...

    I want to feel proud, and not be ashamed to be in a bathing suit
  • ComeAroundSundown
    ComeAroundSundown Posts: 69 Member
    To easily fit into size 4 jeans.
  • bsalis76
    I think Kevin Spacey in American Beauty said it best...

    "I want to look good naked"
  • rlysrh
    rlysrh Posts: 244
    This is stupid but I wanted a onsie pajama for ages and I finally bought one in the largest size they had in the shop which was a small. I can fit into it but its tight and I feel like it'll break if I sit down lmao. So I want to be able to wear it without feeling lumpy and fat and without feeling like it'll break.

    I have a photo of it but I'm sucking in my stomach so I look skinnier than I am.
  • dietstokes
    dietstokes Posts: 216 Member
    I want to shave a good amount of time off of my half marathon time. I know my weight affects this. I also would like to for once be comfortable enough in my own skin to walk around on the beach without feeling like everyone is looking at me.
  • missikay1970
    missikay1970 Posts: 588 Member
    one of my big goals was to see my ribs and my collarbone. already reached those milestones, and feel FANTASTIC!!! :smile:
  • trlyblssd79
    trlyblssd79 Posts: 101 Member
    definitely would like to look good in a 2 piece this summer
    get my back back (that used to be one of the parts of my body I loved!)
    be in the best shape I have ever been in
  • DebbieMc3
    DebbieMc3 Posts: 289 Member
    I want to.....
    Keep up with my Son
    Not stressing out about sitting in a chair, riding a roller coaster, or jumping on a trampoline
    go snow skiing and tubing without hurting
    Not be a "space invader" on the person next to me on an airplane
    I have a million but those are pretty important
  • SinCity2003
    SinCity2003 Posts: 163 Member
    I want to feel confident wearing a 2-piece bikini at the pool in Las Vegas this year instead of staying far, far away from it because I'm embarrassed.
    I want to fit into the size 6 jeans that I've refused to get rid of for the past 7 years.
    I want to get naked in front of my husband and not worry if he's secretly grossed out by me.
    I want my 7 year old to call me "little" and mean it.
  • suzzann666
    suzzann666 Posts: 334 Member
    to have a midsection that is not flabby
  • luvmybaby333
    I have many. The closest one is this:

    I only have one pair of jeans that fit. They are a size 22 from LB. I thought I was a size 24, but then I tried these jeans on (last year) and was so excited to see that I could fit into a size 22. So I bought about 3 pairs of jeans in a size 22 off eBay. They were the same brand. They didn't fit. I couldn't even get them closed. I was so sad. I refused to buy any other jeans for myself. So here I am, about a year later, hoping that very soon I will fit into those 3 pairs of jeans so that I can wear jeans more often. :-)

    ETA: Less vain goals would be to stop taking blood pressure medication, to be able to run and play with my children, to get to a place where I'm comfortable enough in a swimsuit so that I can take my children to the pool, to be able to have more stamina for various... activities, and to be healthy enough to sustain another pregnancy in case we decide to have another child. So yeah. All things that I'm working toward. But I'd love to be able to fit into a new pair of jeans by the next couple of months. LOL
  • triciajwalden
    triciajwalden Posts: 3 Member
    To wear a pair of Lucky jeans (with the big thread) and my GoGos tshirt and look good in them.
    Also this:
    "I want to get naked in front of my husband and not worry if he's secretly grossed out by me."
  • jessieanned
    Well, I stopped fitting in my favorite jeans nearly two years ago- I want to put those jeans back on!!
    And this one is kinda humorously embarrassing, but here goes:
    I am an American living in Barcelona. This summer, I want to be able to take my top off at least once at the beach! Last summer, I couldn't do it-- not because I was ashamed of my boobs, but because I was ashamed of my flabby tummy!