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  • August 1: 211.4 August 8: 209.6 August 15: August 22: August 29: September 1: Weight -/+ this week: - 1.8lbs Weight -/+ this month: Success/Struggles this week: I just started back to work...waking up early and exercising is going to take a while to get used to.
  • I am joining the party a little late, but I have my weight from Aug. 1! My goal weight for Sept 1 is 199.8 it will be a stretch to get there, but so worth the effort. August 1: 211.4 August 8: August 15: August 22: August 29: September 1:
  • Count me in! I am just getting back to working out and counting calories, so the first few days show a pretty good drop. 7/20: 219.2 7/24: 216 That is exactly why I am here too! I typically do not have to wear "professional" clothes in the summer, but needed to last week. I was surprised to find a lot of my clothes were…
  • I have this happen while jogging and occasionally on the elliptical! I find that if every 5 min or so I scrunch up my toes a few times it goes a way. I have mentioned it to both my regular dr and my chiro, neither seemed concerned since it goes away as long as I remember to scrunch.
  • C25K is wonderful! You may not believe it on the first day, but you CAN do it!
  • Let them go...sell them...you do not need them any longer. I recently regained some weight, and when I got to the point where I was going to need to buy larger clothes, I kicked myself in gear and started ccing and losing weight again.
  • Request that he takes them to work.
  • It looks like you have been having great success. Sometimes while losing weight our bodies go through periods of time when it holds onto the weight, and then it eventually lets it go. Keep doing what you are doing, give the scale time to "catch up".