toe numbness??

I've never experienced this before but when I went for a 4 mile brisk walk today, as I have been doing lately my toes on my right foot started getting tingly and felt as if my toes were going slightly numb. Has this happened to anyone else before? Yes, i did stretch before, and no, my shoes are not too tight. I should add that my right calve is now killllling me after walking tonight.


  • cfregon
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    When I did, I went to my chiropractor. She said my lumbar spine and hips were out of whack. Maybe it is for you?
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    I get the numbness in my toes if my shoes aren't just right. I've got to keep the laces loose at the bottom and tight at the top. I'm sure there's an explanation for it, I just try and work around it. When I'm on the elliptical I find mixing it up going backwards for two minutes every 10 minutes helps if they're starting to tingle. I think there are other postings about this, try a search they might help understand what's causing it.
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    Google different ways to lace your shoes - it sounds silly, but can really make a difference! Different shoes might help too.

    If it doesn't go away though, you should get medical advice to make sure you don't have nerve compression somewhere.
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    thanks! I was just concerned, I'm pretty new to the exercising things so when it happened I didn't want to freak out about it
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    Just found out recently that there's a nerve right across the top of your foot that can be compressed by the laces. I second the suggestion to see if there is a different way to lace your shoes, it can make a huge difference.
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    def talk to your doc
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    I'm glad someone else said it on this thread, but the lacing on your shoes really does make a difference. I had an issue with my toes going numb in a pair of Ryka shoes. A trainer showed me how to lace them differently, and the problem was totally solved. Also make sure you aren't wearing socks that are bunching up in your shoes.

    If re-lacing doesn't help, do see your doctor to make sure you're okay. :)
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    I have this happen while jogging and occasionally on the elliptical! I find that if every 5 min or so I scrunch up my toes a few times it goes a way. I have mentioned it to both my regular dr and my chiro, neither seemed concerned since it goes away as long as I remember to scrunch.
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    Also, I've had the same kind of numbness quite a few times, except it has been exclusively on elliptical trainers.
    Medical student here. Disclaimer: this is not official medical advice.
    Idea 1 is always the shoelaces, but I knew that wasn't it.
    I haven't tried to pinpoint the problem because it's been a few years since gross anatomy, but this kind of local numbness is just when the nerves aren't working right. (To medical people, I know the differential is vast...) Possibilities for someone without any neuro/muscular disease are basically compressing the nerve too much or not getting enough blood flow to the area. I think, in my case, particularly with the way I used the elliptical machine, it was because of the nearly constant pressure applied to the ball of my foot (from below, not from the laces) the area was compressed causing a local decrease in blood flow and/or nerve compression causing the numbness.
    Solution: ? I loosened the shoelaces and it didn't make much of a difference, so I just took a break from the machine and came back.
    Classically, diabetic neuropathy presents with numbness particularly in the feet, starting usually with the toes. I'd say go see a doctor just to be sure nothing concerning is going on. Otherwise, examine or modify your stride? Good luck.