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  • Yes x3 today! I didn't track the last two days at all, so I guess I will call them pass days. Really struggling to keep my motivation up these days.
  • Yes x3 today.
  • Yes x3!
  • Yes x3, 5km run on treadmill and 5 km evening walk with a friend. Good start! :)
  • Yes x3 today. October was a BIG fail for me diet-wise, but the plus is I exercised for 31 days straight. Let's see what November brings me, hopefully I can straighten out my act a bit!!
  • Yes x 3!
  • Yes x3 today
  • Yes x3 today
  • Yes x3 today :)
  • Yes x3 today!
  • Yes x3 :)
  • Pass day 3/3 used on the 15th for my daughter's birthday, Yesterday all good, can't remember if I logged the day before but it was all good too! I am so proud of myself that even though I have used all 3 pass days already, I have exercised every single day this month :)
  • Yes x3!
  • Pass 2/3 used today, lost track of tracking calories unfortunately, but the good news is I am on my longest sign in streak in awhile with mfp and my activity level has significantly improved since starting this challenge, so overall things are doing great 👍. Oh and this morning I was 2.2 lbs lighter than when I last looked!
  • Yes x3! Midnight treadmill run on my night shift, trying out intermittent fasting to see how that goes. Personally I have fun trying different diets and things, but I think it's because I always base it around CICO so all it does it make new rules to follow for a little bit :) Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians of the…
  • Yes x3 today and that is HUGE because we had our Thanksgiving dinner and this was originally meant to be a planned pass day. This means I might still be able to swing the Winner's Circle if I manage the rest of my month well. Did I eat all my exercise calories? Yep! Did I eat 1200 calories in 1 meal alone? Yep! Doesn't…
  • Checking in for the past 3 days. 1 pass day used thanks to late night snacking but otherwise all good! Yesterday had a fantastic treadmill jog, the best I've done in ages. Today just a walk. Tomorrow was supposed to be a planned pass but since I used one already I'll try to keep my Thanksgiving meal in check!
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  • Checking in for yesterday and today, both successful all around. Yesterday had 20k steps in by end of day, today much less but still did my walk.
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  • Yes x3 today, 5km jog and lots of snacking but all tracked and logged!
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  • Yes x3 today!
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  • Yes x3 today, went on a 2 hour walk with my daughter and my friend by the water 🥰
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  • Yes x3 today, 1.5 hours of walking and stayed well within my calories today. My goal for this month is to lose a few pounds and geek more comfortable in my clothes.
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  • Hello! I've been in and out of the UAC for a year and a half after initially losing all of my post baby weight over six months. I'm rejoining as I've just had a summer of indulgence and my belt feels a lil tighter, so I've got a bit of work to do. I'm a runner, that and walking are my main forms of exercise. Looking…
  • Yes x3 today. I will not be in the winner's circle this month but I'm very pleased with myself. I lost about 3.5 lbs this month.
  • Too hot to cook, ordered a pizza and didn't track until after I ate. Pass day #5 (I think??). It's the 25th and I'm still here, still tracking, and my log in streak is the longest it's been in a year and that's something worth celebrating!
  • Closing off now so I don't forget, going out for a drink with a friend in a bit but well under for calories and ran 6.5km in 32 Celsius heat. Good day 👍
  • Hello! I'm back for month 2 of round 2 with the UAC - did 6 months last year to my goal weight. Now I'm looking for a final 10-15 lb loss. I'm already aware I have a very slim chance of hitting the Winner's Circle in July for me as life will be very busy this month, but I'm rejoining after a successful month tracking after…
  • So glad this group is going to continue!! Thank you to all who are making it happen. Yes x3 today, cut it close because I didn't track ahead of time but squeezed in. Have seen weight loss this month again for the first time in a long time. ❤
  • Pass day #4 today
  • Yes x3. Rick, I can't count the amount of times I started and stopped tracking calories. With this group I succeeded at my 30lb weight loss goal and I did it in 6 months thanks to the consistency this group provided me. I can't thank you enough for the gift you've given me by managing this group for as long as you have.…