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  • Yes, its being a pita! Its been days, lets get this fixed already!
  • That's been my drug of choice, I love Monster Ultra. But some people are against sucralose(or any other no calories sweeteners) because our bodies don't see it any differently that actual sugar. No calories, obviously, but the sucralose will still cause your insulin to spike, which creates body fat and also keeps the body…
  • I would probably pick spin personally because I prefer PiYo over Yoga. But if you like both, I'd suggest alternating. Spin is a great Monday class because it kicks your week off with a great burn and energetic workout.
  • Today is my first day, first time doing it. Are you going to start a group? I'll join if you do.
  • Heh. You're funny. :D
  • Here is mine. I picked out my daughter's name when I was 13, Robin Hood was my favorite Disney movie. And when I was 13 I was dating my future ex husband. The song from Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves was our song. So I decided to name our future daughter Robyn Marrian. She is 20 now and we wanted matching tattoos. So we…
  • Oh yeah, and yes, starting with machines is perfectly acceptable. I prefer free weights myself, but my gym wife always uses the machines. Definitely better than not lifting at all.
  • I really hope there is a reasonable explanation as to why someone would do that. Then again, I watched a legit meathead do deadlifts in the squat rack on Monday. We have two separate bars placed in the gym specifically for deadlifting, with the rubber weights and all. But he, and the chick he is training, did them in the…
  • Burn the excess if you have time. If not, don't worry about. The way I see it, some days I have 500 calories left at the end of the day, sometimes I have -300. It all balances out as long as I don't get out of control. A good way to watch it is to add how many calories you have for the week, and make sure you stay under.…
  • I'm sorry sweety, but that's just not how it works. You will need to continue lifting, and you will need to increase the weight and for more then 10 minutes at a time. The entire time you are trying to lose, and then to maintain. You are off to a great start! Keep at it and you will get there. Also, I strongly suggest you…
  • That's the one. Have fun this weekend!
  • It totally baffles me that people say this kind of *kitten* to people? ESPECIALLY while they are working!!! What?? Please tell me that you made complaints against these people. Not only is it just so wrong as a person, it is also seriously unprofessional and should be pointed out to their managers. I would put that store…
  • I used to, when I was successfully logging and working out and losing weight. lol
  • I've tried them a couple of times. But I'm not much of a banana fan, and also they tasted like banana flavor scrambled eggs, soooo.....idk. Maybe I haven't found the right recipe.
  • Me! But I'm not very good at it. I feel like I'm winging it all the time, even when I try to stick to a program of some sort. I have no one in my life that wants to lift like I do, so I'm on my own. You sexy lifting b!tches, come lift with me!!
  • ^^What she said. It's really important. And take pictures too. That's hard, I know. But you will be glad you did when you can look back and see your progress.
  • You can microwave scrambled eggs. You just have to mix every so often or they blow up. lol I eat them at work several days a week. Eggwhites or whole eggs. Put garlic in them though, otherwise they stink up the place. Garlic = Oh, that smells good. No Garlic = WHAT DIED?! Learned through trial and error.
  • PS....And its curbing.
  • It would help us to give you advice if we could see your diary. We don't know how many calories you are eating, and what kind of calories. If you're eating 1000 per day, yeah, you're going to be hungry. If you are eating 2500 calories a day and you're hungry, there is an issue with the quality of your food. Unless you are…
  • This "first child" business is *kitten*. I had one child, she grew up on mac&chs, hamburger helper, happy meals, root beer, etc. I wasn't taught healthy choices, so I raised my daughter the same way. It wasn't until about 5 years ago, that I started learning health and fitness. Had I known what I know now, there would have…
  • You people seem like fun.... OH And..... ^^^When did that happen?? Kewl.
  • Well, by all means....add me. I like 'em rough.
  • I'm going to go ahead and say probably yes.
  • ::snort::
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  • Ah! I used to live there. I miss it so much! What part?
  • Jamie Eason's Live Fit on BB.com is great. BB has tons of programs you can look through, find the one that suits you best.
  • ^^^All of that. Plus... You don't have to take every sprint, drink water when you need it, breath, don't hunch your shoulders, and don't put your weight on your arms or grip the handle bars tight, have fun!
  • 1. A man, 2. much bigger than you, is going to have way more calories. My hubby is 6'2" 250-260lbs. There is no way I could eat as much as he does. Nor would I want to. Don't worry about how much more he gets, you don't need that much and you will be happy when you start to see the pounds drop off. Good luck!!! :smile: