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  • I've been maintaining since last April, so for 8 months, and my skin is still improving, my breasts are definitely looking a LOT better :)
  • Loving Pams Mini Cones at the moment, around 65cals each. I don't think I'd pay full price for a pack (about $7) but Pak n Save often have them on special for $2-$4. (8 per pack) Also weight watchers sundaes - around 110-130 calories each, the pecan toffee one is to die for!
  • Everyone loses clothing sizes slower to start with, once you're smaller you'll loose faster. The bigger you are the more weight you'll need to lose to get to a smaller size.
  • I'll play: Starting weight (highest known) 89.9kg or 198b Currently 54kg or 120lb and maintaining with a few kg.
  • Nope. My parents have definitely sacrificed above and beyond what they ever had to for me, and if I was in the position the OP described, or even one that was worse, I'd take them in and flatly refuse any form of payment (except for some help with household chores!!)
  • Incredible! Amazing job well done!!
  • That Gremlin really did a number on me - D to an A, AA in some brands. But I still have a butt thank goodness.
  • He's right you can't spot reduce, but strength training (not just abs) really helps.
  • My advice - don't do it! 1200 is so low it is unlikely to help, especially in the long term. ETA: Also open your diary so that people reading this post can have a look at how you're currently eating and exercising and potentially offer some really helpful advice :-)
  • Wow! Some incredible transformations. Here's mine: and a little tummy progress:
  • I do a LOT with them - but I like to dry roast mine (baked without any oil/fats) and pop them in the fridge and have them available for snacking.
  • Aww thanks for all the great comments!!
  • Can't say I've seen people rolling their eyes at fat people in the gym - but I definitely have seen them (and been guilty of) rolling their eyes at fat people in fast food restaurants who order enough food to feed an entire family.
  • Hey - Christchurch here and similar age :-) feel free to add me
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  • +74 = 11,429
  • I was lazy, ignorant & entertained by food.
  • I was out of action for 6 weeks last year thanks to my ITB & TFL (side of the knee) and believe it or not the only exercise I was given to rehab it was - squats! (actually I had clam shells too, but they were for my TFL). I get the crunching sound too, but no pain with it anymore. I'd suggest seeing a physio though, the…
  • I've had some of my best results without the gym. Get some dumbbells & go nuts on You Tube. I love Fitness Blender & Be Fit Channels & have also had good results with Jillian Michaels workouts.
  • ^^^^This is there anything else going on? My son used to refuse to eat food that wasn't separated from other foods (separate plates) unless it was all the same colour. He'd have phases where he'd only eat certain colours and he would only eat foods that were either really bland (plain white rice) or incredibly salty or…
  • Get properly fitted, don't just go for a size up. You might find it's not just about shoe length but also shoe width so ensuring you're properly fitted is incredibly important. Also make sure you're wearing good socks, I personally LOVE thorlo socks. And keep your toenails trimmed really short! You can't really do anything…
  • I have a little cellulite, but nothing compared to what it used to be, I'm quite comfortable wearing short shorts, I used to never even show off my knees (yip it was down to my knees!) The biggest changes have been over the last 4 months since adding strength training into my routine. I'd definitely recommend that. In the…
  • Hehe this made me LOL. I have family who are Catholic and the whole sit down, stand up, sit down again, stay-where-you-are-you-aren't-a-catholic, stand up, say this, say that, do this, do that confuses the HECK out of me! Fortunately they all seem to find my confusion entertaining. But doesn't it turn into Jesus? Isn't…
  • How do you become a better runner? Practice. It completely depends on what your goals are, what time and resources you have and what your current abilities are. I personally do run training with my coach 4 days a week, we do a lot of different things - different lengths, speed work, stair work, hill work, off road work,…
  • It depends what type of Tabata, I'm pretty sure that Tabata just means 20seconds of high intensity activity then 10 seconds rest (repeated over and over). I do Tabata HIIT workouts regularly but the burn varies depending on what I'm doing (bodyweight, cardio, strength).
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  • I went from 70kg (154lb) to 66kg (146lb) JUST counting calories and I ended up skinny fat (I'd lost weight before this - about 20kg or 44lb - but that was exercising and not counting calories). Now in the last 3 months I've gone from 66kg (146lb) to 57kg (126lb) by doing both counting calories and exercising, and my body…
  • Amazing! One of the best success stories I've read.
  • I don't bother buying DVDs, you tube is my go-to. Loving Fitness Blender and Be Fit channels at the moment. If I was to recommend DVDs then I'm enjoying P90X and had great result with 30 Day Shred. But I got them both free, I don't think I'd have paid for them.
  • You lose muscle regardless of what you do to lose weight. If you like running then do it. If you want to minimise muscle loss then keep and eye on your macros and add in strength training.
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  • SW: 134 Week1 : 133 Week 2: 130.8 Week 3: 130.3 Week 4: 130.3 Week 5: 129.2 Week 6: 127.8 Week 7: 126.3 I DID IT!! I lost 7.7lb in 7 weeks. Good things about this week - making this goal and starting training for my half marathon (I've been training a week and I've already run 12K without any breaks - no huffing and…
  • AWESOME job!!