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  • My face for sure, which is nice because people notice! I have yet to lose in my chest during my 3 weight loss stints, but I don't mind, I needed a little padding there:) Arms and thighs are last.
  • My goal was to lose 8 lbs in September, but my fiancee and I decided to start today instead of after Labor Day, so I could get to 10 lbs!!! 6 days strict calories, three cardio and three lifting. Since football starts this week, Saturdays are going to be a 'free' day. I am ready to be focused!!
  • Stop and decide where you want to be a year from now, back at your original weight or really close to your goal weight?? Be grateful that today's the day you're turning it around-there are a LOT of people on here that gained back their original weight and then some. ALL IS NOT LOST!! But you can still 'lose it all'.…
  • Have you looked on your app to see if it has custom runs? I can set my distance before I take off, the only caveat is if you don't complete your distance it doesn't count the run. Learned that the .10/mile the hard way!!!
  • You already know what happens when you quit, find out what happens when you don't give up! I am a hoarder of quotes, but for some reason this one has stuck to me this time 'round.
  • Thanks for sharing all of you!! My favorite success stories are the ones where your insides and outsides are better:) Stay strong.
  • Where is your hang-up? Are you bingeing every day, or for a few days and get back on track? Today I am starting 30 days of 6 days a week logging and staying under-before, I would track 4 days a week and understand I was only going to lose 1/2 lb a week. But that was okay with me then. Decide what your reasonable goals are…
  • What app are you using? I set my RunDouble to tell me my pace at 10 minute intervals so I know I'm on the right pace for me (I'm also around 15min/mile). Use today's run as a reminder of how you felt for your next run, is 3 minutes of pushing it worth 2 days of being proud of yourself instead of disappointed?? Keep it up!
  • I've had trouble sleeping too, never thought about attributing it to running. I run late afternoon and am in bed by 10. I'm probably going to switch to mornings though as the heat and humidity here in Iowa are out of control already!
  • You must be 5" nothing! The difference is super-noticeable. Nice work!
  • So I have 'completed' the C25K (timed), but am still at 2.3 miles. It has been a 14 week journey for me with the transition to outdoors. My biggest struggle right now? EVERY day is harder than the day before with the increase in distance!! I used to enjoy the challenge, but at this point I'm sleeping an extra hour at night…
  • I understand your pain-both physical and emotional!! But know you've got the perfect attitude, identify the problem, try to fix it, and get on with it. My first 6 weeks were 2 days on the eliptical and 1 outside b/c my knees weren't ready to 'hit the pavement'. Most days I'm good now, but I do RICE if I notice any pain…
  • I've had this happen too!! I've even changed routes because of it, but I'm learning not to care. I am soooo much stronger than I was 3 months ago and that's what matters! I'm 'graduating' this week, but still running a 14:30 mile, so won't be at a 5K until next month:) Keep on keepin' on!
  • I like your "why did I get this big" as opposed to "how". Those 3 letters can be life changing!! Like "when" instead of "if"
  • Maybe your phone has 'self-actualized' and was adapting to your awesome endurance and attitude!!! Me, I'd burn the thing, the network you're on, and get a new app. I need a trusting relationship with my RunDouble during this trying time!!!!!
  • When=Win!! Congrats on all of your successes.
  • I just have to share my amazing experience yesterday. As I was planning my running schedule this week (Week 8 of Couch to 5K), I decided my 3-28 minute run days, and then decided to throw in a 'light' 20 minute run on a day when I'm working late. Then I had to start crying and laughing because I spent 5 (well, 6) solid…
  • Heading out for my first 28 minute run today-fingers crossed! I seem to be losing my motivation a bit, but my race in is 5 weeks and I'm not at 3K yet, so I know I need to stay focused! (Yes, that's over 15min/mile, but I'm still putting one foot in front of the other!!)
  • That's my pace too, but I only track my food during the week-Saturdays and Sundays I'm probably closer to 2500-3500 calories, but it keeps me sane, and if I lose 35 pounds this year, I'll take it!!! That will put me at my goal weight in one year after 10 years of being overweight.
  • Great difference, keep up the motivation!!
  • I hit my calf against the leg of my chair this morning and looked down to see what was so hard. Turns out it was my new calf muscle! I've been running for 3 months and am loving the results:)
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  • W7D3 done!! I left work early to get my run in as we have had a disrupted schedule with 2 life events. I ran a PB hopped in the shower and was out the door to go out of town, still sweating a bit!! BUT I did it! This level of commitment from me is unheard of, I think I'm losing friends b/c I am turning down social…
  • I CELEBRATED a 15 minute mile last night in Week 8. If I get to 12 minutes by my 5K, I'll be thrilled!! As long as I'm doing the program, I'm happy. Fast walkers can pass me all they want!!
  • That's an amazing transformation for 40#!! And the best stories are about making your life better, not just your appearance:) Whoooo!!!
  • I have to say I have a huge urge to high five everyone on the path I run on and have been thinking about doing it! I'm just so excited/thrilled I'm doing this (C25K Week 8)and want to cheer everyone else on who's going for it!! I never thought about it being condescending, but amusing and odd which is who I am. :) PS, I…
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  • I have planterfacitis in one foot and I can do the elliptical in bare feet without problems. Running outside is also much less painful than a treadmill.
  • I'm on Week8 (the days no longer matter!! :) ) and I have to say 2 things: TRUST the system, and yesterday I changed routes because there was a woman that came on the path that I'm pretty sure was walking the same speed as I was running. I was a bit embarrassed about that (I'm running a 16 minute/mile), but nothing is…
  • It could also be you're not eating ENOUGH calories, you shouldn't be at a negative overall calorie intake for the day. It sounds like you're working out pretty hard and your body needs calories to rock it out! And take measurements-I've only lost 3lbs on C25K (week 8) but I've lost inches!!
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